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Last Updated on 27 July 2007, Total: 118 News

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  1. ADModify 2.1 Released

    ADModify.NET is a free tool primarily that can be utilized by Exchange and Active Directory administrators to facilitate bulk user attribute modifications... Read More

  2. Microsoft updates the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Tool

    Now in version, this tool keeps getting better, now adding checking abilities for FSMO roles, directory replication connectors, ISA server, recently installed Windows and Exchange updates, and cluster node discrepancy detection... Read More

  3. Microsoft Releases Activesync 3.8

    Anybody who deals with synchronizing Exchange and PocketPCs or Mobile Smartphones (soon to be simply called Windows Mobile) would know that doing so is not always a straightforward process. Sometimes the process provides cryptic errors, and is accompanied by all kinds of reboots in an attempt to troubleshoot them. So, a new release of Activesync naturally brings joy to our... Read More

  4. Microsoft Publishes Small and Medium Whitepapers

    Just when you thought Microsoft published through its website all the whitepapers you could use, fifteen new ones are now available, aimed at the small to medium business market... Read More

  5. The Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Tool has Been Updated

    It seems like just a week and a half ago the ExBPA tool has been updated and yet 50 more rules have been added and the version has been updated from to Read More

  6. Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Certificate-Based Authentication Tool Released

    This tool deals with one of the weakest features of ActiveSync, namely authentication with certificates... Read More

  7. Exchange ActiveSync - Not Just for Windows Mobile Anymore

    Direct Push, Remote Wipe Security and Global Address List Now Supported in RoadSync for Symbian OS based UIQ and Series 80 Smartphones... Read More

  8. Microsoft Blogs About Its Migration Tools

    Microsoft have always had the most extensive migration options, and these keep getting more robust... Read More

  9. Exchange Server 2003 Security Hardening Guide is Updated

    The Exchange hardening guide is updated for Exchange 2003 SP1... Read More

  10. Microsoft Merges Exchange with Real-Time Communication Group

    Exchange and the Real Time Messaging services have been this on-and-off couple for quite some time. Originally released as part of Exchange 2000, and split up with the release of Exchange 2003 and Live Communications server, the internal real time messaging component continues to evolve... Read More