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  1. 32K Storage Limit for Server-Side Rules Lifted in E12

    In all Exchange versions since version 5.0 you can create up to 75 rules using the Outlook Rules Wizard and the Out of Office Assistant. The numbers of rules you can create may vary according to the size of each rule. Rules grow larger if you have a lot of recipients in them, for example... Read More

  2. A Sneak Peak at the Future of Server Clustering Webcast

    For some companies, Exchange server availability has become a top priority due to the increased use of e-mail for business use. For some companies Exchange downtime could mean loss of millions of dollars... Read More

  3. ADModify 2.1 Released

    ADModify.NET is a free tool primarily that can be utilized by Exchange and Active Directory administrators to facilitate bulk user attribute modifications... Read More

  4. Additional Exchange Analyzing Tools Released

    In a further effort to make Exchange easier to manage and troubleshoot and potentially save support centers some calls, Microsoft releases two more tools, the Microsoft Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Analyzer (ExDRA), and the Microsoft Exchange Server Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer (ExPTA)... Read More

  5. Attend Live Technet Exchange 2003 Webcasts and Win Prizes!

    It's Exchange 2003 Webcast week (November 8th - November 12th) at Microsoft so you can tune in to several Level 200 Technect Webcasts... Read More

  6. Baseline BIS TCO Assessment V3 Released

    This free tool allows you to assess the ROI (Return on Investment) that migration to Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 from NT4, NetWare, Exchange 5.5, and GroupWise will bring an end customer. It is an invaluable tool for migration project managers... Read More

  7. Best Practices for using VSS with Exchange 2003 Guide Released

    With Windows 2003, Microsoft delivered the Volume Shadow Copy Service, essentially, Microsoft's take on snapshot technology allowing fast backup and restores. I remember everyone at the office excited about this, only it didn't worked quite as we hoped for, initially. Also, it didn't support Exchange. Now, following Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 service packs, VSS for Exchange is now supported... Read More

  8. Configuration of Exchange SMTP Gateways at Microsoft Revealed

    Microsoft is known for the transparency of its internal IT services that serve as a model for large IT infrastructures... Read More

  9. DataViz Licenses Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Protocol to Integrate with RoadSync

    So, by now all the major players in the mobile solutions business have licensed the Exchange ActiveSync technology and will enable all of their newest models. But what about existing models?... Read More

  10. E12 Beta 1 Has Been Released by Microsoft

    Microsoft today announced the release of Microsoft Exchange “12” Beta 1 — the code name for the next version of its leading server for e-mail, calendaring and unified messaging, to a select group of testers... Read More