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Last Updated on 27 July 2007, Total: 118 News

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  1. Microsoft Releases Exchange MSSearch Administration Tool

    The MSSearch component of Exchange provides a way to create Full-Text Indexes for Exchange Stores which allows for faster searches. Microsoft has now released a VBScript based tool to manage, fix and get the status of Full-Text Indexes in the entire organization... Read More

  2. Microsoft Provides A Technet Support Webcast on Hosted Exchange 2003

    There is little information on hosting Exchange on the Internet. Microsoft provides a seemingly comprehensive document about hosting Exchange 2000 but with little real technical know-how information. Now is your time to learn about this hefty subject straight from the source... Read More

  3. Microsoft Issues Warnings About SMTP and NNTP Vulnerabilities

    The SMTP vulnerability affects Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2003 SP1 when installed on Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 when installed on Windows 2000... Read More

  4. Microsoft Publishes New Implementation and Interoperability Exchange 2003 KB Articles

    Microsoft has always been the company most dedicated to providing extensive documentation of its products. To make it easier to search for these articles Microsoft published the availability of these articles at the Microsoft support web site as Knowledge Base articles... Read More

  5. Microsoft Delivers a TechNet Webcast on Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer

    This Level 300 webcast will be delivered by Paul Bowden, a Program Manager at Microsoft and will focus on the now commonly referred to as ExBPA tool, the automated health check and troubleshooting tool for Exchange 2000/3... Read More

  6. Microsoft Provides an SSL Diagnostics Utility

    As part of last days' barrage of utilities that Microsoft is releasing a tool that can diagnose SSL problems with IIS... Read More

  7. Microsoft re-releases Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter

    The Outlook 2003 built-in SPAM filtering mechanism has been re-released... Read More

  8. Microsoft releases Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool

    A new tool is available on Microsoft's web site that can be used to troubleshoot Exchange configuration problems by collecting information from your servers... Read More