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Last Updated on 27 July 2007, Total: 118 News

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  1. MS06-003 TNEF Encoding Vulnerability Patched

    Included in the January 2006 patches released on January 10, 2006, is a critical patch to fix a TNEF decoding vulnerability... Read More

  2. Version 2 of the Exchange 200x Catchall Script Released

    Allow your Exchange Server to "catch" mail for more than one domain... Read More

  3. Microsoft Messaging Hygiene Documentation Updated

    This is probably Microsoft's Christmas present for you – not so shocking details of the way Microsoft, the most attacked and spammed entity on earth handles its incoming and outgoing mail... Read More

  4. E12 Beta 1 Has Been Released by Microsoft

    Microsoft today announced the release of Microsoft Exchange “12” Beta 1 — the code name for the next version of its leading server for e-mail, calendaring and unified messaging, to a select group of testers... Read More

  5. Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool

    In order to complete the new Exchange 2003 SP2 mobile enhancement, Microsoft releases a tool to manage mobile devices at the enterprise level... Read More

  6. TechNet Support WebCast: Understanding and Troubleshooting DSAccess for Exchange Server 2003

    Mid-level webcast covering the way Exchange interacts with Active Directory and the changes made to this process in Exchange 2003 SP2... Read More

  7. New Exchange Best Practices Analyzer version Released

    The most updated Microsoft utility just got better once again. Check out the list of new features here... Read More

  8. Exchange 12 will be 64-Bit Only

    As part of the push towards 64-bit environments, it has been announced at IT Forum 2005, that E12 will be 64-bit only... Read More

  9. Additional Exchange Analyzing Tools Released

    In a further effort to make Exchange easier to manage and troubleshoot and potentially save support centers some calls, Microsoft releases two more tools, the Microsoft Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Analyzer (ExDRA), and the Microsoft Exchange Server Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer (ExPTA)... Read More

  10. Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folder DAV-based Administration Tool Updated

    As part of the release of Exchange 2003 SP2 you can expect most of the Exchange related tools to be updated. Amongst those is the PFDAVAdmin tool that allows you to gather more information about your public folders and manage permissions and replicas more effectively... Read More