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Last Updated on 11 Nov. 2003, Total: 9 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Customizing OWA 2000 Using Segmentation

    With Exchange 2000 SP2 Microsoft added a feature, known as segmentation, that allows you to quite easily make some rather major changes to the appearance and functionality of OWA... Read More

  2. Connecting Outlook Web Access 5.5 To Exchange 2000

    Why on earth would anyone want to try to connect MS Exchange 5.5 Outlook Web Access (OWA for short) to an Exchange 2000 server? Well, quite a few people have tried and failed, so here's an experiment describing one possible solution... Read More

  3. Put your mailbox on the Web with CDO v1.21

    MS Exchange already comes with a nice Webmail facility called Outlook Web Access, so why would you want to make your own? Well, some people like to do these things just for the fun of it, and you may also learn something useful and interesting in the process... Read More

  4. Exchange and SharePoint: Two Peas in a Pod?

    It is rarely wise to do something simply because you can. With Service Pack 2 of Exchange 2000, it is now possible to run Exchange 2000 and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server on the same box. I may argue against such a configuration in the name of network efficiency, but I am not completely one-sided in my opinions when I touch... Read More

  5. A Logon Screen For MS Exchange 2000 Outlook Web Access

    In Exchange 2000, Outlook Web Access takes you straight into the Inbox without asking for a mailbox name. Not everyone misses the logon screen, but many people do, and a surprising number of people are asking how they can get it, or something similar, back again... Read More

  6. Securing Outlook Web Access using SSL

    In this article we shall look at how we can secure OWA access using Secure Socket Layers (SSL)... Read More

  7. Exchange 2000 Front-End/Back-End

    Exchange 2000 is a lot smarter than I first thought. Since its folders and mailboxes are published to the Active Directory, it actually knows to look there before checking for local Exchange resources. Let me explain a lab I set up to demonstrate this,... Read More

  8. Exchange 2000 Webstore Strategies

    Exchange 2000 applications are much more reliable than those running on Exchange 5.5. Because of this new added stability, a great many companies are now looking to centralize the Exchange 2000 application servers within their company... Read More

  9. Configuring and Using OWA in Exchange 2000 Server

    Business today is said to travel at the speed of light, unlike one particular thrill ride at a local amusement park that travels at the speed of fright (but then again, that’s a completely separate story). If you’ve personnel who travel frequently or large production (i.e. manufacturing) environments or a any of a thousand other things going on, you might... Read More