Monitoring & Operations

Last Updated on 6 July 2004, Total: 8 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Exchange 2000 Diagnostics Logging

    Diagnostics logging might be a powerful tool, especially if you know something about the inner workings of Exchange. It can also be a time saver when talking to Microsoft support services that can analyze the information and help you in a time of need... Read More

  2. Accelerating the Exchange Server shut down process

    What do you do when your Exchange server takes a long time to shut down? Here is a short simple way to speed up your Exchange server shutting down... Read More

  3. Logging the SMTP Service

    SMTP logging can, at times, the key to troubleshooting many mail problems by providing valuable information regarding incoming mail. It can also be used for providing statistics on mail flow from the Internet. The following article describes the secrets of logging SMTP activities for troubleshooting and other purposes... Read More

  4. Exchange 2000 Postmaster@IP And Abuse@IP Mailboxes

    If you ever need to add Postmaster@IP And Abuse@IP addresses to your Exchange 2000 server, you will not be able to do so with ADUC. This article describes a way in which it can be done with ADSI Edit... Read More

  5. Backing up Exchange 2000 using Windows 2000 Backup

    This article explains the steps taken to backup your Exchange 2000 Information Store using the built-in Windows 2000 Backup program on your Exchange 2000 Server. It also explains the other information that should be backed up to ensure you can recover from a disaster... Read More

  6. Exchange 2000 Monitoring and Maintenance

    Monitoring system activity and server performance is a necessary part of preventive maintenance for the server running Exchange 2000 Server. Through monitoring, you obtain data that you can use to diagnose system problems, plan growth, and troubleshoot problems... Read More

  7. The Exchange Monitoring and Status Tool

    It seems like the topic that never ends: Monitoring your Exchange Server. Maybe the topic does end and you are caught in the Matrix…or maybe it really doesn't end. Either way, monitoring your Exchange Server is akin to making sure that your doors are locked and the alarm is armed when you're away from home. You just do it because... Read More

  8. Performance Anxiety Monitoring your Exchange 2000 Server

    You probably already know the important of regular monitoring of your Windows 2000 servers. In fact, you are probably already performing daily and weekly monitoring and baselining on your servers for such critical component areas as hard-disks, memory, processors and network adapters. You are in control of you own domain and you have no performance anxiety my friend. What’s that?... Read More