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Last Updated on 7 Oct. 2002, Total: 10 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Just the FAX – Are you still faxing manually?

    Most companies still rely on traditional manual faxing using a dedicated fax machine, though a popular, more efficient and cost-effective solution in recent years has been to use network fax servers as a replacement for the traditional fax machine... Read More

  2. Get Some Training, It's Worth It

    So you have decided to get Exchange, but have you planned for training? Exchange can be a complicated subject and spending a little time and money on training can save a you lot of time and money later, but getting the right training is not always easy. This article should help you make the right choices... Read More

  3. Overview of Developing Workflow Applications for Exchange Server 2000

    The term workflow is used to describe applications that are developed as business processes. Workflow applications include forms routing and approval, document review and publishing, and issue tracking... Read More

  4. Instant Messaging in the Enterprise: Where are you going tomorrow?

    Recently I had the opportunity to see the future of Enterprise IM systems. I'm not the only one who thinks that by the way—but we'll look at that more later. In the past few years, a major shift in the way business is done has been slowly occurring. The shift from paper communications to electronic communications was one that was... Read More

  5. Blueprint for an Exchange Service Level Agreement

    This document was prepared in order to detail the mechanics behind a Service Level Agreement between a fictitious Company ABC and an outsourcing vendor. Several specific requirements have been assumed and documented in this article. My goal was to product a template that other companies could use to begin work on their own SLA... Read More

  6. Microsoft Certified Professional Exam 70-224: Get ready for white-knuckle ride

    You might be fooled by looking at the exam objectives for exam 70-224 into thinking that this exam is one that you can just walk right into without a good background in Exchange 2000. Nothing could be farther from the truth... Read More

  7. The Recipient Update Service Uncovered

    The Recipient Update Service (RUS) is a very important component in your Exchange installation, it is RUS that is responsible for updating address lists and email addresses in your Active Directory... Read More

  8. The Exchange 2000 Server Instant Messaging Service

    Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you’ve no doubt heard of Instant Messaging. AOL, Yahoo!, and Microsoft have all done their part to bring Instant Messaging capability to all users with an Internet connection. Lately, there have even been some open source projects that produced IM clients capable of signing into more than one service on behalf of... Read More

  9. The Exchange 2000 Server Chat Service

    Have you ever used the once popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) services that used to be the rage in the early 90’s? If so, then you may have fond memories of them and the time spent in those chat channels. At the time, America Online was making its big push to sign up new members and there was basically two... Read More

  10. Key Management Service In Exchange 2000 Server

    The Key Management Service (KMS) in Exchange 2000 Server is one of the best and most often overlooked features. Due to Exchange 2000 Server’s native integration with Windows 2000 Server, the KMS can take advantage of many of the benefits that Windows 2000 brings to the table as well, making it a winner that is worthy of taking a look... Read More