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Last Updated on 23 April 2003, Total: 7 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Secure Exchange 2000 IMAP4 Service Publishing with ISA Server 2000 - Part 2: Understanding the Co-located SMTP Servers

    In the first part of this article on publishing the Exchange 2000 IMAP4 service, we went over the procedures required to make the IMAP4 service available to users on the Internet via ISA Server 2000 (ISA Server) Server Publishing Rules. In this, part 2, of our secure IMAP4 publishing series, we’ll go over the high level details required to understand... Read More

  2. Secure Exchange 2000 IMAP4 Service Publishing with ISA Server 2000 - Part 1: Securing Publishing of the IMAP4 Service

    Everyone knows that Exchange 2000 is the perfect mail server if you need to support thousands of users, but its also great if you have fewer than a hundred users. If you're running a small shop, you might want to save on bandwidth costs by using ISA Server and IMAP4 publishing. Publishing IMAP4 is great, but you need to do... Read More

  3. “Secure” your Exchange Server on the Internet for $100

    I know the security folks are going to tear into me for this, partly because I use the word Secure, and partly because it is not truly secure. Let me share with you some ideas on how you can install Exchange 2000 and AD and let your users connect from the Internet with their MAPI client as well as OWA... Read More

  4. Understanding Relaying and Spam with Exchange 2000

    This article is designed to help you better understand Relaying and Spam, it also explains some of the options available in Exchange 2000 to protect yourself... Read More

  5. Restricting Users from Sending and/or Receiving Mail via the Internet

    This article explains to steps you can take to restrict users from sending and/or receiving mail via the Internet... Read More

  6. Secure Your Mail Server: GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP

    Implementing network security is like trying to chase a moving target at the best of times. Where most companies today would consider it incomprehensible to not have a properly configured firewall, many of these same companies still overlook the single biggest source of their problems – their email systems... Read More

  7. Blocking Incoming Mail Using Microsoft Exchange 2000

    An employee comes to you and reports they are receiving email from an old friend and they don’t want it anymore, or the HR department manager is getting inappropriate emails from an ex-employee, do you know what to do. Now, you could go out and purchase a third-party tool to block the mail, but with Exchange 2000 you have a... Read More