High Availability & Recovery

Last Updated on 29 Jan. 2009, Total: 20 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Recovering Deleted Items in Exchange Server 2003 (Part 2)

    How to configure the deleted items retention period on Public Folders and how to recover deleted items from Public Folders using Outlook client... Read More

  2. Generating Active Directory Accounts using the mailbox information in the Mailbox Database (Part 2)

    How to generate Active Directory accounts from a Mailbox Database using Exchange Server 2000/2003... Read More

  3. Recovering Deleted Items in Exchange Server 2003 (Part 1)

    This article explains how to recover deleted items at the mailbox store level and in Public Folders... Read More

  4. How Recovery Storage Groups Work

    Recovery Storage Groups (RSG) are one of the most administrator friendly features of Exchange Server 2003 SP1. You may have used them already, and you may have had the same questions I’ve been asked. This article aims to answer those questions... Read More

  5. Creating a Virtual Exchange Server for Exchange 2003 Clustering

    In this article I will show you the detailed steps that are necessary to create an Exchange Virtual Server for Exchange Server Clustering with Windows Server 2003... Read More

  6. Backing Up Exchange with Data Protection Manager

    Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2006 can be used to help you protect your Exchange Server data. In this article I’ll show you how... Read More

  7. Load Balancing Exchange Front-End Servers

    Many organizations cluster their Exchange back-end servers in an effort to provide high availability. This article will cover two methods you can use to load balance your front-end servers in an effort to maximize performance and availability... Read More

  8. Fixing a Damaged or Incorrectly Configured OWA 2003 Installation

    In this article I’ll explain how you can you fix a damaged OWA 2003 installation in a few minutes... Read More

  9. Recovering a Failed Exchange 2003 Member Server Using the Disaster Recovery Switch

    What could be worse than facing a seriously corrupted mailbox store? Yes you guessed right – facing a completely dead Exchange Server. In this article I’ll shine some light on the steps necessary in order to restore an Exchange 2003 Member Server, that has experienced a major hardware failure causing a complete loss of data... Read More

  10. Restoring Exchange Server 2003 to alternate Hardware

    There are several steps you will have to do if you have to restore your Exchange Server 2003 System to alternate hardware. This is very often a task if your old Exchange Server box crashed and you did not have a chance to get the same or very similar hardware back. The goal now will be restoring your Exchange Server... Read More