Exchange 5.5 Articles

Last Updated on 5 Jan. 2005, Total: 12 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Preparing Exchange 5.5 Directory for Migration to Exchange 2003

    How to make sure your Exchange 5.5 directory database is ready for the upgrade to Active Directory and Exchange 2000/3 based messaging. This article will evaluate the ways of making changes in the Exchange 5.5 directory before installing the Active Directory Connector (ADC) tool that synchronizes Exchange 5.5 with Active Directory to ease matching of users and mailboxes... Read More

  2. Exchange 2003 Upgrade Checklist

    For those about to migrate from Exchange 5.5 to 2003, refer to this handy checklist before you plunge into the upgrade process. Being aware of the things that need to be considered will help you prepare for a smoother migration... Read More

  3. Enhanced Deleted Item Recovery In MS Exchange 5.5

    As an Exchange Admin, your users will often ask you if there is any way to recover a message that has been inadvertently deleted from their mailbox. Fortunately, Exchange 5.5 has a feature that allows you to do just this, although the standard configuration can be improved by a small amount of tweaking... Read More

  4. MS Exchange, SMTP, POP3 and Telnet

    The visual complexity of modern email clients such as Outlook Express hides the simplicity of the underlying protocols that they use. If you know a few simple protocol commands it’s possible to send and receive emails via an Exchange Server with no GUI client whatsoever, if you have access to a telnet client... Read More

  5. Connecting POP And IMAP Clients To MS Exchange Server

    The traditional method of connecting an email user to their MS Exchange Server mailbox is to use MS Outlook. However, as more and more mobile users wish to access their mailboxes remotely, Exchange Administrators are often required to configure the connections of a wider variety of email clients, on a mixture of platforms... Read More

  6. Customizing The Outlook Web Access 5.5 Logon Page

    As more and more people are discovering the usefulness of Outlook Web Access, or OWA for short, it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular add-ons for MS Exchange. It has to be said, however, that aesthetically, many people find it less than completely satisfactory. The yellow logon page in particular is a prime target for a visual overhaul... Read More

  7. Installing Outlook Web Access 5.5 In Windows 2000 Server

    When MS Exchange 5.5 was first introduced, having a permanent connection to the Internet was much less common than it is now. Consequently, Outlook Web Access (or OWA for short) was less likely to be part of the standard Exchange installation. Now that more and more Exchange Admins are discovering just how useful OWA can be, many are adding its... Read More

  8. User Access To The Exchange 5.5 GAL With GALMOD32.EXE

    If you are responsible for maintaining the mailboxes of many users this can become rather a time-consuming task. Perhaps it would be more convenient for you and for them to allow your users to change their own GAL details. That way they don't need to call you to get it done, and you don't have to scribble it down and... Read More

  9. Intersite Directory Replication via the Internet in MS Exchange 5.5

    MS Exchange provides a method, known as Directory Replication, of combining the email directories from a number of sites so that they can function as one... Read More

  10. Automating MS Exchange Server 5.5 Backup With NTBackup.

    While most Exchange admins are agreed on the necessity of performing regular backups, not all agree on which is the best way to do it. In fact, many Exchange newcomers are surprised at how strongly some admins feel regarding the superiority of one method compared to another... Read More

  11. Preventing Third Party Relaying In MS Exchange Server 5.5

    Unsolicited Commercial Email, or spam (as it has become more commonly known) seems to be with us to stay, in much the same way as the junk mail that lands on our doormat each morning. Most of the time we happily delete the daily tide of junk email that arrives in our inbox without giving much thought as to where... Read More

  12. Adding Email Disclaimer Text With The IMS Extension In MS Exchange 5.5

    The casual nature of email belies the fact that an electronic message is still, in a business context, a legally binding document, and newspaper stories about the legal issues raised by email are becoming increasingly common. While most people can happily dismiss these stories as 'a sign of the times', to the Exchange Administrator they can be a potential source... Read More