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Last Updated on 20 April 2017, Total: 60 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Add mail archiving to Exchange: GFI MailArchiver Review

    You remember Steve, right? That’s Steve from Sales, the guy who needed access to an email that he deleted over a year ago. You probably remember the hassles of having to first find and then restore his mailbox. Perhaps you even recall sifting through his messages, trying to find that single, solitary email, and dedicating a whole afternoon to the... Read More

  2. E-mail Filtering for Exchange: SurfControl E-Mail Filter for Exchange 2000/2003 Review

    The purpose of this article is to give you a somewhat superficial review of SurfControl’s E-mail Filter for Exchange 2000/2003. Some of you might ask why it’s superficial; well there’s a simple answer for that, the product is way too comprehensive for an in-depth review, I therefore suggest you download your own trial version and give the product a go... Read More

  3. Four Popular Anti Spam Filters for Exchange Reviewed

    Your only true defense against spam mail using Microsoft Exchange is to install third-party solutions. With this article, we are going to compare and evaluate four products, each of them somewhat differentiated by its mode of operation and email filtering techniques... Read More

  4. HPE SecureMail Cloud Product Review

    Product: HPE SecureMail Cloud Standard Edition... Read More

  5. InBoxer Product Review

    Microsoft MVP Brien Posey takes a look at InBoxer’s Anti-Risk Appliance... Read More

  6. Messageware AttachView 2007

    A review of Messageware AttachView 2007, a product which enhances the WebReady Document Viewing, covering its features and the reasons any Exchange Server administrator should consider for implementation... Read More

  7. Ontrack PowerControls v1.0 Restoration and Administration

    Ontrack Data International has been specializing in data recovery since 1987. By releasing PowerControls, Ontrack have decided to extend their expertise to the Exchange community and the result is a product that could well be a lifesaver for many Exchange Administrators... Read More

  8. Permessa Email Control! Express Review

    Product review for Permessa’s E-Mail Control Express solution... Read More

  9. PowerControls v1.1 Exchange Restoration And Admin

    Those of you who already use Ontrack PowerControls v1.0 will know what a powerful utility it is, but just how useful has this power been to you? With the release of v1.1, Ontrack has added a feature that greatly increases both it’s power and it’s usefulness in one go... Read More

  10. Product Review – MailStore Server 10

    MailStore Server 10 continues to be relevant in a world filled with large mailboxes in the cloud and user expectations for unlimited mailboxes, even within on-premises Exchange Server. In this review, I’ve been lucky enough take MailStore Server for a spin – testing against an on-premises environment and Office 365, and see if it really does make sense for small... Read More