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Chris Dalby is co-founder and Director of Yellow Park Ltd, a Microsoft Certified Partner located in London, UK. Yellow Park offers a holistic approach to the dilemma of the IT services jigsaw and specializes in a broad range of services, including network support for Windows networks, Live Meeting, web and email hosting, website design and multimedia services.

You can also find Chris at his other blog on <a href="" target=_blank>Yellow Park</a>, where he covers more general IT related content, mixed in with a bit of culture and fun.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys walking and running in his local woods with his two favourite girls; wife Gosia and Kaija a Doberman.

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  1. Exchange webcasts for October 2007

    TechNet Webcast: Message Security, Active Protection, and Compliance with Exchange Server 2007 (Level 200) Friday, October 05, 2007 - 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific Time Chris Avis, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation;Culture=en-US TechNet Webcast: Introduction to Windows PowerShell Scripting in Exchange Server 2007 (Level 200) Friday, October 19, 2007 - 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific Time John... Read More

  2. Installing MSDE on SBS for Blackberry Enterprise Server

    I've got a few customers using Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) now and they are all running this on Small Business Server 2003. Research in Motion would probably not recommend this configuration, but actually SBS seems to cope quite well. Although I have not tested this out with more than 6 users. Installing BES onto SBS is not entirely straight forward,... Read More

  3. First LMUG Event at the EVO Community Event on June 21st 2007

    The first LMUG event will take place at Microsoft, Reading on June 21st 2007. This event is incorporated into the Community EVO (Exchange, Vista and Office) Event. This event will be a chance for a user lead indulgence of everything EVO. We will be looking at things from a real world perspective, praising and criticising where necessary. We will also... Read More

  4. Installing Exchange 2007 into SBS 2003

    I have been getting some great feedback on the 2 part series that I wrote about installing Exchange 2007 into an SBS 2003 environment. Both by email and on my other blog. The feedback has certainly raised a few temperatures and stirred a few raw nerves. So I am glad I am encouraging a lively debate about Exchange 2007 and... Read More

  5. Visit the International Technology Expo 2007 on Second Life at Silicon City

    The International Technology Expo 2007 is an online conference happening this Friday - Sunday in Silicon City on Second Life. This is an online virtual 3D conference that is free to attend with over 50 IT vendors exhibiting cutting edge technology in online collaboration. SCHEDULE OF EVENT &amp; SPEAKERS LOCATION EXPO ENTRANCE: 98,108,37.LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST VIA SL CABLE TV:... Read More

  6. Meeting in Redmonk Office on Silicon Island in Second Life

    We are having a meeting in Redmonk Office on Silicon Island in Second Life. Get yourselves over there, we're talking about vendors and technology. Technorati : sl... Read More

  7. Norweigan translation

    I had an email from Jakob Heidelberg today, who has translated my most recent article into Norwegian. Very bizarre to see your own words written in what appears to be gobbledy gook. Technorati : exchange... Read More

  8. Installing Exchange 2007 into an existing Small Business Server 2003 domain

    My recent article on has started getting quite a bit of interest. Especially regarding the issue of having a second DC in the SBS domain and the need for the Schema Master to reside on SBS. A second domain controller can reside in an SBS domain. However, all the FSMO roles must remain on the SBS and SBS... Read More

  9. Try a hosted Exchange 2007 demo account for 5 days

    I noticed on Mark Deakin's blog, there is a demo account available for hosted Exchange 2007. The account runs for 5 days and incorporates the Unified Messaging elements. It took me 20 seconds to sign-up and get up and running. There is an FAQ for the demo account here. Sign-up for the demo account here. Technorati : Exchange2007, UM... Read More

  10. Blackberry Muffins

    I have been trying out a Blackberry for the last few days. One of my customers, Virocom, gave me a free account for a couple of weeks to try it out. In-fact, they are a customer and a Partner too. I support their network. They sell communications: any internet connection, BlackBerry accounts, mobile communications, PBX and phone lines etc.Sounds nice,... Read More