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    Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancers

    Since 2000, KEMP Technologies has offered the perfect mix of high-performance load balancing solutions at an affordable price. KEMP LoadMasters are optimized for Microsoft applications and come with easy-to-use deployment guides and templates for Exchange, Skype-for-Business, SharePoint, ADFS, RDS and DirectAccess. KEMP load balancers are designed specifically to address the availability & scalability demands of Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016... Read More

  2. SonaVault 5.0 Email Archiving and eDiscovery Appliances

    SonaVault 5.0 Appliances offer a turnkey solution with enterprise-class email archiving and eDiscovery software with full-warranty and configurable DELL or HP servers. Sonasoft’s plug-and-discover capabilities allow organizations immediately to fulfill time-sensitive eDiscovery requests. SonaVault Appliances run on Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and Microsoft SQL Server powers the archive database. Discovery searches are always fast, powerful, and nimble. Admins have a... Read More

  3. F5 Global Traffic Manager

    BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM) improves the performance and availability of your applications by intelligently directing users to the closest or best-performing data center. Using high-performance DNS services, BIG-IP GTM scales and secures your DNS infrastructure from DDoS attacks, and it delivers a complete, real-time DNSSEC solution... Read More

  4. Citrix NetScaler

    Citrix NetScaler is an application delivery and load balancing solution. It delivers application availability, application and database server offload, acceleration and advanced application-layer attack protection - all in a single device, with a unified policy. Deployed directly in front of web and database servers, NetScaler combines high-speed load balancing and content switching, data compression, content caching, SSL acceleration, application flow... Read More

  5. APV Series Application Delivery Controllers

    Array APV Series application delivery controllers provide the availability, scalability, performance, security and control essential to keeping cloud services and enterprise applications running in their power band. Available as dedicated, virtualized/multi-tenant or virtual appliances, or on Microsoft Azure, Array ADCs combine industry-leading performance and scalability with transformative features and pricing to deliver unmatched overall value and ROI. A front-end for... Read More

  6. Enterprise R20

    Loadbalancer.org's Enterprise R20 is a dependable, versatile and affordable hardware load balancing solution engineered to improve the availability of your most critical IT applications. All Loadbalancer.org appliances can work in the standard industry formats i.e. 1 Arm or 2 Arm in NAT, DSR or SNAT modes + SSL Termination and Transparent Proxy available in all modes. They tend to be... Read More

  7. RazorSafe eMail Archiving and e-Discovery Appliance

    Intradyn offers a wide range of e-mail archiving appliances that install in minutes, are non-disruptive to a company's IT infrastructure, require no software to be loaded onto the email server and have no "per-user" fees. Every Intradyn appliance works with in-house or hosted Microsoft Exchange/O365, Google, Lotus Notes, or virtually any other IMAP or POP3 email system (including multiple email... Read More

  8. WebMux Network Traffic Manager

    WebMux is an affordable ‘plug-and-run’ full-featured load balancing appliance solution for managing, controlling, and securing local Layers 4-7 network traffic with the flexibility and power to support a wide range of TCP/IP and UDP/IP applications and services. WebMux was one of the first three hardware load balancers Microsoft® chose to support their Unified Communications platform back in 2005 for their... Read More

  9. RiverBed SteelApp

    SteelApp’s software form factor provides far greater flexibility, enabling network administrators to accelerate, optimize, and secure business transactions in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. SteelApp application delivery controller enables organizations to accelerate services, increase capacity and reduce costs by offloading performance-limiting tasks including SSL and compression. The software also enables administrators to cache commonly requested content and manage traffic delivery... Read More

  10. AppDirector

    AppDirector uses Layer 4-7 policies and granular application intelligence for end-to-end business-smart networking. AppDirector aligns server infrastructure operations with application front end requirements to eliminate: Traffic surges, Server bottlenecks, Connectivity disconnects, and Downtime. AppDirector enables fine tuning of network behavior based on granular application-specific classification of packets to optimize traffic flows for a range of enterprise applications such as Microsoft,... Read More