Mail Archiving

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Email Archiving Appliances

  1. SonaVault 5.0 Email Archiving and eDiscovery Appliances

    SonaVault 5.0 Appliances offer a turnkey solution with enterprise-class email archiving and eDiscovery software with full-warranty and configurable DELL or HP servers. Sonasoft’s plug-and-discover capabilities allow organizations immediately to fulfill time-sensitive eDiscovery requests. SonaVault Appliances run on Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and Microsoft SQL Server powers the archive database. Discovery searches are always fast, powerful, and nimble. Admins have a... Read More

  2. RazorSafe eMail Archiving and e-Discovery Appliance

    Intradyn offers a wide range of e-mail archiving appliances that install in minutes, are non-disruptive to a company's IT infrastructure, require no software to be loaded onto the email server and have no "per-user" fees. Every Intradyn appliance works with in-house or hosted Microsoft Exchange/O365, Google, Lotus Notes, or virtually any other IMAP or POP3 email system (including multiple email... Read More

  3. Jatheon Plug n Comply™ Email Archiving Systems

    Designed to simplify your company's compliance and electronic discovery requirements, Jatheon's Plug n Comply email archiving appliance provides a simple and easily operated single point of access for efficient management and eDiscovery of electronic records such as email and instant messages, including all of their attachments. Jatheon offers a comprehensive eDiscovery function with each appliance. There is nothing additional to... Read More

  4. MS Exchange Archive

    Designed from the outset to be installed and configured within a single day, the Archiving Appliance applies administrator-defined (and optionally user-defined) policies to automatically migrate older email from Exchange into an archive repository in a manner that is transparent to email users. The Fujitsu Services Archiving Appliance comprises a server and a network attached storage appliance with pre-integrated software from... Read More

  5. The NorthSeas Guard E/N

    The NorthSeas Guard E/N: Adds unlimited storage capacity to any mail server; Is an open solution that supports any e-mail application; Lets the customer decide what storage system to use as its repository; Provides both capture and retrieval functionality, and uses the existing customer e-mail system for both; Requires no third-party software or application integration... Read More

  6. ArcMail Defender Email Archiving Solution

    ArcMail has a standalone solution that includes everything you need to automatically capture, index, store, and quickly find and recover incoming, outgoing, internal email and attachments. The Defender appliance comes complete with onboard, fault-tolerant storage ranging from 500GB to 12TB with data compression and RAID capability for secure and efficient disk utilization. All necessary software — data compression, disk management... Read More

  7. Imation ComplianceVault Email Archiving Appliance

    The Imation ComplianceVault Archiving Appliance is a completely integrated all-in-one hardware / software email archiving appliance. It indexes and archives all of a company's email from virtually any IMAP/POP3-based email system on a continuous basis, from virtually an unlimited number of mailboxes. The Imation ComplianceVault solution features the hard disk drive capacity ranges, tape format choices, and price points that... Read More

  8. Cryoserver

    Cryoserver is a forensic compliance system that makes an audit copy of every email sent to, from and around an organisation. It provides a permanent and tamper-evident repository suitable for legal and regulatory compliance and for providing emails in court with high evidential weight. Cryoserver is designed as a plug, play and walk away appliance - It can be added... Read More

  9. eMail Archiving and e-Discovery Solutions

    Intradyn offers a wide range of e-mail active-archiving appliances that install in minutes, are non-disruptive to a company's IT infrastructure, requires no software to be loaded onto the email server and has no "per-user" fees. Intradyn's e-mail active-archiving appliances work with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, or virtually any other IMAP or POP3 email system (including multiple email servers... Read More

  10. STORServer E-mail Archiving Appliance

    The STORServer E-mail Archiving Appliance automatically captures E-mail messages and stores them as files in the STORServer. With the ability to search, list, view, and even “replay” (re deliver) archived messages directly back into a personal inbox, the STORServer automatically builds a confidential corporate message repository available to all users. Disaster Recovery copy of E-mail also provided every day. For... Read More