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Cryoserver is a forensic compliance system that makes an audit copy of every email sent to, from and around an organisation. It provides a permanent and tamper-evident repository suitable for legal and regulatory compliance and for providing emails in court with high evidential weight. Cryoserver is designed as a plug, play and walk away appliance - It can be added to your existing email architecture regardless of your technology platform. Cryoserver has been developed as a complete email forensic compliance tool (as well as an archiving and back-up mechanism) capable of delivering email evidence with high evidential weight in court. Cryoserver captures and replicates data in real time; as opposed to tape backups which will miss emails deleted during the work day. It prevents unauthorised deletion or alteration of any email within the mandated retention period; providing a store which can prove not only that an email was received, but also that it wasn't. The system is platform independent and can interface with all mail server types (Exchange, Sun One, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Teamware, SMTP, etc.)

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Review and Comments

  1. Alfie Molina Tue, 19 July 2005 02:00

    It's.... different

    What people should understand is that this is a genuine compliance product that digitally fingerprints everything at the point of collection. This makes it entirely different to a plain email archiving system (it's a great email archiving system as well).

    We tested several systems but chose Cryoserver. It has saved us more than the purchase cost over just six months. Highly, highly recommended.

  2. another LA Thu, 5 May 2005 02:00

    Cheap! (but ask for the NPO discount)

    I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments here, and it paid for itself within two months. Yes, two months!

    Good value, but we nearly missed the discount offer for non profit orgs which might have been the reseller trying to make more margin or may be company policy, so make sure you get their best price.

    And like others have said, their advice and guidance is unmatched. They sent barrister Stephen Mason to us to sort out a few compliance issues we raised, all free of charge.

    No, they didn't pay me to say this!

  3. P Lewis Sat, 26 March 2005 01:00

    Dispute resolution

    I agree with the comments regarding the speed of finding any email sent or received by anyone in the organisation. In six months I cannot tell you how many disputes (usually with members of the public) have been sorted out literally within seconds. There's nothing like this product out there, it's brilliant and we haven't had to use their support even once.

  4. Paula Deckra Mon, 3 Jan. 2005 01:00


    we use this at work, it's great for finding any email very quickly

  5. S Drake Fri, 17 Dec. 2004 01:00

    works well

    We bought mid-2003, works brilliantly and saves huge amount of time in HR investigations

  6. Jan Sale Thu, 2 Dec. 2004 01:00

    Freedom of Information

    To be honest, what swung it for us when we bought it was that it was the only vendor that could manage full implementation within two weeks of our order so that we could prepare for FOI on Jan 1st 2005. Basically, they came and plugged it in, and it started recording every email.

    We haven't rolled out the front end to our users, they are still using Exchange/Outlook in the same way they always did. We're doing that part in March.

    However, we did take Cryoserver's advice and held a formal meeting with Unison/HR/Legal/DataProtection/Compliance (and the Auditor) to establish Best Practise and cover off all the legals. Cryoserver hosted that meeting, turned up with a barrister, and picked up on a number of misconceptions we had in records management. Their big thing is "It's not 'email archiving', it's 'records management'", which once you've heard their pitch makes perfect sense.

    It's worked perfectly for months, has sub 0.1sec search times on more than (now) fifteen million emails (sorry, 'records'), and makes FOI compliance a snap. Recommended, and they're really nice people who genuinely understand 'compliance'.

  7. Dan Dexter Tue, 5 Oct. 2004 02:00

    Forensic approach

    Went to a seminar at Sun (not IBM!) in London, impressed that the Police spoke, liked the forensic approach and the '1000 times faster than productX' demo (it really did search 1m emails and bring back results in less than a second - all on a portable). Price is expensive if you're less than 100 users, so we're still haggling with them. Recommended


  8. Iain Donaldson Thu, 16 Sept. 2004 02:00

    IBM Cryoserver

    We bought this, as it is the only product that archives Teamware properly. Excellent so far, and agree with the comment below regarding Unison: exceptionally helpful personnel at Cryoserver who actually know how to talk to Trade Union concerns and understand employment law and data protection issues. Very refreshing

    a local authority

  9. James Camway Wed, 25 Aug. 2004 02:00

    Data Protection Act 1998

    Worth pointing out that this solution is the only one we found that complies with the Act's requirements with regard to encryption and proper audit trailing (e.g. it's not all stored in some plain text SQL database that any savvy techie can grab a copy of, then read your email at leisure)

  10. Cameron Frazer Tue, 3 Aug. 2004 02:00


    Went to one of IBM's Cryoserver seminars a while ago, learned a lot (very little product push; lots from lawyers about regulatory environment that's coming for email). There was a particularly interesting lecture from one of their pharma customers.

  11. Declan Fearon Thu, 22 July 2004 02:00

    Local Authority

    We're a local council. Cryoserver was the only one our trade union Union liked, all the others allowed 'boss snooping' to a greater or lesser degree. Bought it via IBM, does what it says on the box, very pleased so far (four months in)

  12. James Taylor Fri, 11 June 2004 02:00

    regulatory reqs for pharmas

    Went to a seminar, saw it, bought it - brilliant product, rollout took about a day (not half a day like they say!). SO much more than just email archiving, and it was cheap.

  13. Saul Zytak Wed, 26 May 2004 02:00

    archiving web

    We bought it because it's the only product we found that does real-time replication; all the others don't do it native, or rely on back-up - hopeless when you've got 17 terabytes. Wasn't expensive, hasn't broken yet

  14. Trevor Bailey Sat, 22 May 2004 02:00


    The only product we found that captures email from Groupwise AND Exchange, all at the same time, and keeps it in a single audit environment. Bit pricey though unless you're more than 250 users

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