Jatheon Plug n Comply™ Email Archiving Systems

Last Updated on 28 Oct. 2009, Company: Jatheon Technologies Inc.

Designed to simplify your company's compliance and electronic discovery requirements, Jatheon's Plug n Comply email archiving appliance provides a simple and easily operated single point of access for efficient management and eDiscovery of electronic records such as email and instant messages, including all of their attachments.

Jatheon offers a comprehensive eDiscovery function with each appliance. There is nothing additional to purchase. The advanced search ability of the data contained in the archive allows Compliance Officers to review and export messages either in PST format or as a Portable Document File (PDF). Searches are performed on the meta data as well as all of the message data including attachments. The Compliance Officer also has the ability to place messages in a “Legal Hold”; the message data is preserved for legal or regulator review.

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