STORServer E-mail Archiving Appliance

Last Updated on 28 Sept. 2005, Company: STORServer, Inc.

The STORServer E-mail Archiving Appliance automatically captures E-mail messages and stores them as files in the STORServer. With the ability to search, list, view, and even “replay” (re deliver) archived messages directly back into a personal inbox, the STORServer automatically builds a confidential corporate message repository available to all users. Disaster Recovery copy of E-mail also provided every day.

For IT: Support more mailboxes per server by shrinking mailbox quotas; Use the mail server for message processing, not storage
Eliminates mail server backups; Save valuable time searching for messages; Works with all E-mail applications and any network-accessible storage; Avoid third-party software and application integration; Does not lock you in to a specific messaging application or architecture

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