Exchange Server 2007

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8 Outlook & OWA
4 Planning & Architecture
2 Powershell
6 Security & Message Hygiene
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3 Transitioning & Migration
  1. Exchange 2007 Cmdlet List

    List of all Exchange 2007 cmdlets... Read More

  2. Get Inbox Rules

    Using the Get-InboxRule cmdlet... Read More

  3. Add ManagedBy permissions to a Distribution List to more than 1 user

  4. Creating Transport Rules in Exchange 2007 using EMS

  5. Remove Tools from the Toolbox in Exchange Management Console

    Some organisations like to restrict access to certain features, or remove features that are just no used - this tip explains how you can remove Tool entries from the Toolbox node in the Exchange Management Console... Read More

  6. Regional Settings on a Mailbox

  7. How to quickly determine the size of your mailbox

    How to determine the size occupied by your mailbox using Outlook 2007/2010... Read More

  8. Exchange on a Domain Controller before an upgrade to Exchange 2010

    this tip deals with the situation when you've installed Exchange 2003 on a Domain Controller and you want to upgrade to Exchange Server 2010... Read More

  9. Offline defragmentation in an Exchange 2007 CCR environment

    this tip deals with an offline defragmentation when using a CCR cluster... Read More

  10. Database Checksumming

    This tip explains the online database checksumming... Read More