Exchange Server 2010

Last Updated on 17 Dec. 2014, Total: 96 Knowledge Base Tips

8 High Availability
36 Management & Administration
2 Mobility
7 Monitoring
7 Outlook & OWA
7 Planning & Architecture
10 Powershell
9 Security & Message Hygiene
5 Setup & Deployment
2 Tools
3 Transitioning & Migration
  1. PAL v2.5 beta

    This tip presents the new version of the Performance Analysis of Logs tool... Read More

  2. Exchange Legacy API Scanner for Mail-Enabled Apps

    This tip presents a tool useful when migrating to Exchange 2010/2013 to search for applications that use Exchange to send e-mails... Read More

  3. Sent Items Behavior in Shared Mailboxes - Update

    This tip shows a new way of configuring the behavior of Sent Items in shared mailboxes introduced by Exchange 2010 SP2 RU4... Read More

  4. Outlook and OWA Versions and Features

    This tip presents a comparison table with all the different features in Outlook and OWA... Read More

  5. RPC Client Access Throttling Logging

    This tip explains how to enable logging for RPC Client Access Throttling... Read More

  6. How to increase the maximum number of ActiveSync Devices for a User

    By default Exchange 2010 limits users to a maximum of 10 devices. While this limit might seem more than adequate, you might find in today’s tablet-driven world, you need to increase it…... Read More

  7. Prevent Database Copies from Automatically Mounting in other Sites

    If you manage a multi-site Database Availability Group, you may wish to prevent certain sites, such as your DR site from mounting databases automatically if there's a server failure. This tip shows how... Read More

  8. Wiped Mobile Devices Can Still Access Mailbox

    This tip shows how to immediately prevent access to Exchange from a mobile device after issuing a remote wipe... Read More

  9. Check DAG Status

    This tip shows two useful cmdlets that help quickly check the health of DAGs... Read More

  10. Mailbox Documents Not Indexed

    This tip explains how to get a list of documents Exchange Search couldn’t index... Read More