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Last Updated on 17 Dec. 2014, Total: 36 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. PAL v2.5 beta

    This tip presents the new version of the Performance Analysis of Logs tool... Read More

  2. Changing multiple Exchange Virtual Directories across a CAS Array quickly and accurately

    Ever need to configure multiple Virtual Directories across all Exchange Client Access Servers within a Client Access Array? This script will show you how to save some time... Read More

  3. Dynamically Populating Recipient Filters in Dynamic Distribution Groups

    Do you have a requirement to create multiple dynamic distribution groups? In this tip we’ll examine a key issue you might encounter, and how to simply overcome it... Read More

  4. Litigation Hold vs. Single Item Recovery vs. Retention Hold

    This tip will provide an overview of the differences between Litigation Hold, Single Item Recovery and Retention Hold... Read More

  5. Multi-Mailbox Search Licensing Update

    A tip regarding update to the Multi-Mailbox Search feature of Exchange 2010... Read More

  6. Exchange 2010 EventID 9320 and 9359

    This tip explains what two common warnings are (9320 and 9359)... Read More

  7. Resubmit Messages in Queues

    This tip explains how to resubmit messages stuck in transport queues... Read More

  8. Suspend Multiple Database Copies

    This tip will describe several methods of suspending multiple database copies across an Exchange environment... Read More

  9. Exchange 2010 ActiveSync Error: "Error with your new mobile phone partnership"

    This tip explains how to overcome the 10 mobile device limit per user in Exchange 2010... Read More

  10. Exchange 2010 ActiveSync Statistics

    This tip shows an easy way to extract ActiveSync statistics on Exchange 2010... Read More