Outlook & OWA

Last Updated on 26 March 2013, Total: 7 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Sent Items Behavior in Shared Mailboxes - Update

    This tip shows a new way of configuring the behavior of Sent Items in shared mailboxes introduced by Exchange 2010 SP2 RU4... Read More

  2. Outlook and OWA Versions and Features

    This tip presents a comparison table with all the different features in Outlook and OWA... Read More

  3. Mailbox Documents Not Indexed

    This tip explains how to get a list of documents Exchange Search couldn’t index... Read More

  4. Users Unable to Delete Oversized Messages

    This tip highlights a possible bug where users are unable to delete messages when the organization message size limit is reduced... Read More

  5. New Outlook profile: "The profile name you entered already exists"

    This tip explains how to fix a common issue administrators face when creating the same profile in Outlook multiple times... Read More

  6. Troubleshooting Outlook Calendar Problems

    This tip introduces a new tool recently released by Microsoft that helps administrators troubleshoot Outlook Calendar issues... Read More

  7. Sent and Deleted Items Behavior in Shared Mailbox

    This tip is about problems associated with shared mailboxes... Read More