High Availability

Last Updated on 21 April 2016, Total: 6 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Create Shadow Copies on the same Active Directory Site

    This tip explains how to create Shadow Copies in the same Active Directory site... Read More

  2. Mailbox Database Seed Status

    In tip we will see how to check the status of a mailbox database seeding operation... Read More

  3. Database Availability Group Failover During a Mailbox Move

    This tips describes the behaviour of a mailbox move when its database gets failed over to another server... Read More

  4. Hyper-V Replica with Exchange Supportability

    This tip talks about the support of Hyper-V Replica with Exchange... Read More

  5. Top 3 Reasons to Use a Hardware Load Balancer for Exchange 2013

    Exchange 2013 has brought some fundamental changes to the way clients connect to the Client Access services. The most important and noticeable change is the removal of the RPC client access service. Client connectivity is now handled entirely through RPC over HTTPS a feature most should be familiar with from Exchange 2010 known as Outlook Anywhere... Read More

  6. Moving the Primary Active Manager

    This tip explains how to manually move the Primary Active Manager in a Database Availability Group... Read More