Planning & Architecture

Last Updated on 26 Aug. 2015, Total: 7 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Creating an Exchange Environment Visio Diagram

    This tip presents the Microsoft Active Directory Topology Mapper tool that can help admins/consultants create a Visio diagram of the Exchange topology... Read More

  2. AssociatedItemCount versus ItemCount

    This tip explains the difference between the AssociatedItemCount and the ItemCount properties of a user's mailbox... Read More

  3. Exchange 2013 Platform Options

    This tip presents the new document describing the available platform options for Exchange 2013... Read More

  4. Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Architecture Poster

    This tip provides a link to download the new Exchange 2013 Architecture poster... Read More

  5. Exchange 2013 Message Headers

    This tip discusses the changes made to message headers in Exchange 2013... Read More

  6. Exchange 2013 Jetstress

    This tip is about the release of the Jetstress tool for Exchange 2013... Read More

  7. Exchange 2013 Database Mount Limit

    This tip talks about the changes on the number of mailbox databases per server in Exchange 2013... Read More