Last Updated on 20 Sept. 2016, Total: 10 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Exchange PowerShell Variables

    This tip presents the default Exchange PowerShell variables and how we can change these or create new ones... Read More

  2. Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API 2.2 Released

    This tip explores the latest release of the Exchange Web Services Managed API... Read More

  3. Removing X400 Addresses from Recipients

    This tip describes how to remove X400 addresses from recipients that no longer need them... Read More

  4. Create Large Numbers of Test Mailboxes

    This script will allow you to create test mailboxes to use in your proof of concept, lab or test environment... Read More

  5. Copy Receive Connectors to a New Exchange Server

    When adding additional Hub Transport Servers or migrating between different versions of Exchange, you might need to copy existing custom receive connectors. This article explains how to do so easily... Read More

  6. Manage Exchange Management Shell Access

    This tip explains how to block access to the Shell for users... Read More

  7. Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy in Exchange 2013 CU1

    This tip explores the changes made to the Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy cmdlet in Exchange 2013 CU1... Read More

  8. How to store Exchange settings before making changes

    If you are making change to Exchange settings, such as user email addresses, you can easily store data you might need beforehand and retrieve it easily afterwards... Read More

  9. Cmdlet Size Values

    This tip shows different size values in Exchange cmdlets... Read More

  10. Scheduling an Exchange PowerShell Task

    If you've got a script snippet you wish to run regularly, you can execute it as a scheduled task. We'll look at how to create an Exchange-focused task in this article... Read More