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  1. GFI releases MailSecurity 8 – Introduces Trojan and executable analyzer

    GFI has announced the release of GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 8. Version 8 includes many key features, the most significant of which is a new Trojan & Executable Scanner which can analyze what an executable does, and quarantines any executables that perform suspicious activities, such as Trojan files... Read More

  2. - New Network Software Directory Launched

    We're pleased to announce the launch of <A href=''></a>, a directory of server based software for your Windows 2000/NT & .NET network. A no frills site that gives administrators and decision makers just what they need - reliable software listings in over 75 categories including "Patch Management", "Email Encryption" and "Backup Software". You'll be able to read about other user's... Read More

  3. Launches Anti Spam Section

    With email abuse exponentially increasing, and with no extensive source of information on the subject, we've decided to set up our own mini-site in order to help anyone who's interested in combating spam on their servers. The section will be continuously updated with the latest spam news, software, related links and information from a wide variety of sources to cover... Read More

  4. New antispam and antivirus technologies will ship in Exchange Server 2003

    Microsoft Corp. announced new antispam and antivirus technologies that will ship in Exchange Server 2003 for partners, along with the significant enhancements made to the core product, will deliver to customers the most secure, reliable version of Exchange to date... Read More

  5. Article Updates in Your Mailbox!

    Keep up to date with all articles published on with the newly launched 'RealTime' and 'Monthly' article updates! A great way to ensure that you don't miss the articles and tips that matter to you most. <A href=' ' >Click here</A> to subscribe... Read More

  6. FREE Messaging Infrastructure Webcast - Live from MEC!

    Want to maximize your Windows messaging infrastructure investment? Join HP, NetIQ and Microsoft on 10/9 for a free, one-hour Webcast and learn how to leverage an integrated Windows and network infrastructure to better manage your enterprise messaging environments. <A href=' target='_blank'><b>Register now!</b></A>... Read More

  7. Welcome to - Re-Vamped!

    Welcome to the re-vamped, the site dedicated to Exchange Server users! Apart form its new look, now includes a new site search, an updated software section where you can vote and comment on the products listed, and more! We'll also be adding new articles and FAQs every week, and we have new features in store - guaranteeing continuously... Read More

  8. New 'Print Article' feature!

    Thank you for the positive and constructive feedback on the new design and functionality of! Following numerous requests for printable versions of our articles, we have actioned this suggestion. Just click on 'Printable Version' which now appears at the top of each article and a window will launch with the page appropriately formatted for printing... Read More

  9. – New partner site!

    <A href='' target='_blank'></A> is a new site that focuses on Windows network security issues, providing a solid resource for information and free online tools that will aid you in maintaining a secure network... Read More