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32 Anti Spam Filtering
16 BlackBerry Hosting
42 Exchange Hosting
22 Hosted Email Archiving
10 SMTP Relay Services
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    There's really no reason you should be bothered by spam and viruses these days. Quality cloud-based services blend the best of technology and human intervention to provide realtime protection against email threats. Here at AppRiver, we've been fighting unwanted email for more than a decade now. We've got a layered system of defenses that stops most spam from ever reaching... Read More

  2. Editor's Pick

    AppRiver Exchange Hosting

    When you're looking for a Hosted Exchange provider, consider one that's been around the block a few times. AppRiver has been at it since 2007 and we now manage about a quarter-million Hosted Exchange Accounts. But experience is just one advantage. We also wrap our Hosted Exchange with solid spam and virus protection. Then we add Akamai Internet optimization for... Read More

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    MailStore Service Provider Edition

    Thanks to the MailStore Service Provider Edition, service providers will now be able to offer their customers email archiving as a service, thereby completing their email service portfolio. Service providers receive an unlimited, scalable software solution with the MailStore Service Provider Edition, which they will be able to independently operate either on their existing IT infrastructures or those they have... Read More

  4. modusCloud

    modusCloud by Vircom provides not only spam filtering for your business but also advanced threat protection that blocks spam, malicious attachments and URLs, and targeted phishing attacks. Whether you are on Microsoft Exchange Server on-premise, Exchange in the cloud or Office 365 in the cloud, Vircom's modusCloud provides the email security features you need to ensure your business users are... Read More

  5. modusCloud Email Archiving

    Vircom’s modusCloud Archiving securely captures internal and external communications through the use of the Microsoft Exchange Journaling feature. Features include; Real-time envelope journaling for Exchange, Searchability of all messages and attachments (and metadata), Unlimited Storage, Fully indexed, rapid search and retrieve email messages and all types of attachment, e-discovery, segmented archive per customer, Quick data export and Up to 10... Read More

  6. SonaSecure Email Protection & Email Continuity

    Sonasoft’s SonaSecure Email Protection & Email Continuity is a cloud-based anti-spam and security system that protects in real-time both incoming and outgoing email from spam, ransomware, viruses, malware, and phishing attacks. It works with both on-premise systems (Microsoft Exchange Server) and cloud email systems (Office 365). SonaSecure’s spam detection identifies over 99.9% of spam and has a less than 0.01%... Read More

  7. NSIConnect - Exchange 2013 Hosting

    NSI Connect offers private and confidential hosting of Exchange 2013, with AntiSpam and Antivirus solutions, as well as backup/restore included. Support for Outlook Anywhere, OWA, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry with ActiveSync... Read More


    WorldPosta; Business Cloud Mail Solution, that offers the next generation of messaging technologies so you can fit the modern business challenges. Premium Availability, Huge Storage, Outlook Anywhere, Backup, Highest Security, and Powerful Control are your vocabulary when getting WorldPosta. This user guide was made simply to lead you discover the power of WorldPosta Email Solution.  Large Mailboxes: 200 GB... Read More

  9. 1st Contact Email Archiving with Integrated Continuity Services

    1st Contact Email's Archiving and Continuity Services are cloud-based and work in tandem with your Exchange server to provide true Email Archiving with fully integrated Email Continuity. Incoming email arrives at the 1st Contact email servers for initial processing prior to being relayed to your internal Exchange server. Emails and attachments are imaged, queued, indexed and retained in the Continuity... Read More

  10. Orca Cloud eMail Archiving and e-Discovery Solution

    Intradyn Orca Cloud is a Software as Service (SaaS) based e-mail archiving solution, that is non-disruptive to your company’s IT infrastructure, requires no additional hardware or software, and has no additional cost for your organization. The Orca Cloud solution works with in-house or hosted Microsoft Exchange/O365, Google, Lotus Notes, or virtually any other IMAP or POP3 email system (including multiple... Read More