Anti Spam Filtering

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Anti Spam Filtering

  1. GateWall Antispam

    GateWall Antispam is a mail gateway solution with integrated spam filtering and antivirus tools. The product is built from multiple modules, which makes it more failsafe and allows running the server on a distributed system. GateWall Antispam supports all the leading spam filtering technologies and features Cloud Antispam and Bayesian statistical spam filtering solution designed by Entensys. When processed by... Read More

  2. Hosted Premium Spam Filtering Service

    Email is critical to the success of any business and the dramatic increase in spam, viruses, spyware and other threats can significantly decrease productivity and infect entire computer networks. With spam accounting for 85% of email traffic, the question is not if you will be affected but when. Safeguard your data with's hosted Premium Spam Filtering Service, powered by... Read More

  3. SpamMX

    SpamMX works by simply pointing your domain's DNS Mail (MX) Record to our systems, we then filter the mail and send it back to your web host's or company's mail server. It is 100% compatible with all hosting companies and mail servers... Read More

  4. ActivatorMail

    ActivatorMail may be used as a frontline filter system for any standard email server such as Microsoft Exchange, Unix/Linux SendMail, or Lotus Notes. All that is required is to set your domain's DNS 'MX' (mail service) records to use ActivatorMail services. This simple change can be done by your Network Administrator or ISP and directs email addressed to you to... Read More

  5. CleanMyMailbox

    The problem with spam email is that it's saturating our mailboxes, in such volume, that ISPs are being forced to apply server-side filters to relieve congested mail servers. And the problem with that approach, is that many times even "good" or legitimate email is filtered out as spam (called a false-positive) and the mailbox owner never sees it. Current spam... Read More

  6. MailWise Filter

    MailWise provides the E-Mail filtering services an organization needs, without anything to install, service, or upgrade on your end. The service allows E-Mail for your organization to be 'filtered' for Spam, Viruses, and unwanted Content. Additionally, each filter can be tailored to meet your organization's individual needs. MailWise is compatible with GroupWise, Exchange, Notes, and all other SMTP compatible E-Mail... Read More

  7. SpamTrap

    SpamTrap is a managed, server-side antispam and antivirus service. It uses a multi-stage process to identify as much spam as possible while not losing legitimate emails. To implement an in-house, business-grade antispam system requires an IT staff that has knowledge in this area and the purchase of related software and hardware. By using managed services, such as SpamTrap, an organization... Read More

  8. Secure Messaging

    Secure Messaging is an outsourced secure e-mail solution that automates the creation and delivery of encrypted outbound messages from your back-end systems to customers. Highly-regulated industries require a secure e-mail solution to insure the protection of personal and confidential information and facilitate government and enterprise compliance. EasyLink Secure Messaging provides a secure, outsourced solution that streamlines implementation and support. EasyLink... Read More

  9. OnlyMyEmail

    OnlyMyEmail provides email privacy and security services for consumers, corporations and Internet Service Providers, all built upon junk email (SPAM) filtering technology. In addition to SPAM Filtering, OnlyMyEmail provides Email Virus Blocking, Phishing Fraud Protection, Permanent Email Addresses, Web-Based email, POP & SMTP email accounts and Email Unification services, which allows users to collect email from multiple addresses all through... Read More

  10. CleanMessage

    CleanMessage is a managed service provider. Using our anti spam filters and online virus scanning, we help keep your email secure, block malicious code, and free up your employees' in-boxes. CleanMessage helps stop spam using our email spam filters to keep your email secure. Our anti-spam managed services have spam control, giving you email security. Our services include free virus... Read More