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There's really no reason you should be bothered by spam and viruses these days. Quality cloud-based services blend the best of technology and human intervention to provide realtime protection against email threats. Here at AppRiver, we've been fighting unwanted email for more than a decade now. We've got a layered system of defenses that stops most spam from ever reaching your network — and we've written more than seven million rules to stop the ones that do. Spam and virus protection is the least expensive, most important security measure you can have in place for your business. Try it free from AppRiver for 30 days. Or get it from one of our competitors if you'd like. Just make sure you get it before malware gets to your business.

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  1. Paul S. Mon, 20 Nov. 2006 01:00

    Spam Protection

    We're a Law Firm and have used Appriver with outstanding results. I recommend their products and support highly

  2. James M Tue, 7 Feb. 2006 01:00

    Capture Rates

    I'm a consultant who has tried several different anti-spam solutions for my clients and ever since I tried AppRiver, I have used them. Their capture rates are the best and their support is top notch.

    Allzero LLC

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