BlackBerry Hosting

Last Updated on 2 April 2014, Total: 16 Products

Comprehensive list of BlackBerry Enterprise Hosting providers. Select one of the solution providers below for your Hosted BlackBerry needs.

  1. Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Exchange

    Harness the power of your BlackBerry and hosted Exchange with hosted mobility services, and take your office with you wherever you go. Get true two-way wireless access for all your messaging data - anywhere, anytime right on your BlackBerry. We provide you with 99.999% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 live U.S.-based phone, email and live chat support, and you can manage... Read More

  2. AppRiver BlackBerry Service

    AppRiver offers an array of mobile device synchronization options, providing users with instant access to your email, contacts, tasks and shared calendars, improving business productivity. Our fully integrated service offers true wireless service 24/7/365, without the need for cradles or USB synchronization hardware connections. Keep your workforce connected anytime, anywhere with the device of your choice. BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides... Read More

  3. EGOCENTRIX BlackBerry Enterprise Server

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server Hosting combined with hosted Exchange gives the power to accommodate the demands of mobile users using a variety of BlackBerry and other smart devices, while having good control over corporate IT polices, security, reliability, and customization. Egocentrix provides value plans for BES hosting and it can be added to the Exchange hosting plans for an additional fee... Read More

  4. Exchange My Mail BlackBerry Wireless Solution

    Connect your Blackberry with's Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1 to provide you and your mobile workforce a seamlessly integrated, wireless extension of their email accounts - right in the palm of your hand. Fully integrated with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Service, the Blackberry makes creating and retrieving information simple with an optimized keyboard, thumb-operated trackwheel, easy-to-read backlit screen and intuitive menu-driven... Read More

  5. Intermedia Hosted BlackBerry Exchange

    Intermedia gives customers the option of synchronized BlackBerry email - a simple, hosted service, with low monthly fees. Give your staff real-time BlackBerry email, contacts and calendars - without the additional cost of an in-house BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). With a hosted BES, you get fully-managed BlackBerry service, and you simply pay a small per-user fee each month. BlackBerry hosting... Read More

  6. Lanlogic BlackBerry Service

    BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds include advanced wireless technology allowing you to send and receive email from the palm of your hand. Creating and retrieving information is amazingly simple using the optimized keyboard, thumb-operated trackwheel, easy-to-read backlit screen and intuitive menu-driven interface. With RIM Wireless Handhelds you don't need to retrieve your email. Your email finds you. No dialing-in. No initiating connections... Read More

  7. LiveOffice BlackBerry Enterprise Service

    BlackBerry Enterprise Service coupled with Hosted Exchange 2007 makes sending and receiving information on the go simple and seamless. In addition to sending and receiving email, BlackBerry users can access their contacts, calendars, scheduling tools and task lists, and perform other functions from virtually anywhere with a wireless connection. LiveOffice provides optional BlackBerry Enterprise Service to enhance the Exchange 2007... Read More

  8. MailStreet BlackBerry Enterprise Server

    With MailStreet's BlackBerry Enterprise Server Service, virtually your entire MailStreet account is available in real time on your handheld BlackBerry device. Handheld synchronization with your desktop email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes is now available at your fingertips, instantly! Messages that you reply to on your Blackberry device will show as "replied-to" in Outlook! Updating your calendars, contacts, tasks, notes... Read More

  9. Mi8 BlackBerry Mobile Service

    Offering complete wireless information synchronization, and bundled with Mi8's Microsoft Exchange Hosting, BlackBerry Mobile Service provides users with instant access to e-mail, contacts, calendars, and task lists. With this service, users can stay on top of their business by never being out of touch. Key BlackBerry Mobile Service Features: Global Address List Visibility; Hard delete e-mail reconciliation; Attachment viewing pan... Read More

  10. Featured

    NetVigour Cloud Services

    NetVigour has provided reliable, Enterprise-Grade Hosted Exchange services for more than 10 years. With thousands of mailboxes under management in every time zone around the globe, we are the industry leader. And, our solutions are not a “one size fits all” like most providers: we’ll invest the time and energy to customize a solution that fits your business needs perfectly... Read More