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Last Updated on 6 July 2017, Company: AppRiver LLC

When you're looking for a Hosted Exchange provider, consider one that's been around the block a few times. AppRiver has been at it since 2007 and we now manage about a quarter-million Hosted Exchange Accounts. But experience is just one advantage. We also wrap our Hosted Exchange with solid spam and virus protection. Then we add Akamai Internet optimization for faster, more secure delivery. Even better, we'll give it to you FREE for 30 days and let you experience our Phenomenal Care™ for yourself. If you're looking into Office 365, we can help you there as well. We were one of the original syndication partners offering the service since 2011. And like our other services, it includes our Phenomenal Care and a free 30-day trial.

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Review and Comments

  1. 1981novikov Wed, 24 Sept. 2014 12:01

    We are using AppRiver for a second year. We were ok with the service, despite lots of false positives (users were complaining a lot). But during last 2 month we've had 5 incidents with service interruption for several hours each time (!). No explanation and no constructive dialog from support. After some spam attacks or after receiving single large e-mail all incoming e-mail were stuck in a queue. Each time only after several phone calls to support issues were resolved. We have 1Gb fiber internet and redundant e-mail system, and we've never had issues with internal mail-flow between mail servers. So we are going to change service provider asap and looking for more reliable service urgently. Very disappointed with the level service.

  2. Chris Rasfeld Thu, 26 Aug. 2010 02:00

    Appriver services

    Appriver supports multiple clinets for us, they do an excellent job with mail filtering, support, and follow up. they also offer training for support staff and have become an integral part of our business. Well done.


  3. john lavery Thu, 26 Aug. 2010 02:00

    AppRiver Exchange Hosting

    When you look at the price of recreating a fully functional, safe/secure and highly available messaging solution I think this product hits the mark..

    Unlimited storage, support for EVERY PDA, top notch SPAM and Virus protection and great overall product.

    GAM Information Systems

  4. John Riley Fri, 30 Oct. 2009 01:00

    AppRiver is amazing

    AppRiver is absolutely phenomenal. I was using 1&1 Hosted Exchange, and had been for a couple of years. After the 25th outage for the year, I decided to move to AppRiver. I was already a partner, so I quickly added myself. After 10 minutes, my account was added, my alias domain was setup and I was adding users. I quickly and efficiently setup the accounts, added password policies and setup iPhone accounts, which they offer for free. The export time for my PSTs on 1&1 was longer than the import time on AppRiver, which was going over a residential DSL line. I am truly a convert.

    John Riley IT

  5. Max Wed, 22 July 2009 02:00

    Appriver Support

    Accidentally found these reviews. I am compelled to add mine which are also very very positive. Their support has surpassed my expectations in every way. I am not an IT professional, but responsible for implementing an exchange product and was not convinced at first, but the implementation and support has been absolutely one of the best I have ever encountered. They have proven the ultimate solution for me to coordinate 3 separate desktops that needed to be on the same sheet of music with Outlook. We are very happy with our experience.

  6. Peter Kellner Thu, 29 May 2008 02:00

    Praises for Appriver

    I'm pretty picky about my email hosting and over time have been through several exchange hosting companies. For the past 2 years, I've used AppRiver on both my desktop computers (multiple) and my windows mobile phone.

    I highly recommend AppRiver. What I like the most is the quality of their spam filter. I get thousand of spams a day and use to check every one to make sure it was not a false positive. After several months of doing this, I finally realized that there were no mistakes and that the mail captured as spam was really spam. Now, my email is undercontrol and I rarely get email I don't want.

    Also, it's very nice when calling support not to ask a question like "How do I white list a single user in a domain" and have the response be "So, let me understand your question, you are asking how to paint your house white?". Most of the time I send email for support to appriver and they always respond quickly. The few times I've had to call, they were just as fast.

    I give AppRiver a 5! I can't imagine a better email hoster. I can't remember any down time so far.

    73rd Street Associates

  7. Paul Tue, 12 Dec. 2006 01:00

    Migration from inhouse to Appriver

    We're a law firm and are in the process of moving all users from an inhouse Lotus Note platform to Hosted Exchange. The results have been outstanding. Appriver's support is great, their pricing is extremely attractive, and the attorneys love the ability to have contacts, calendaring, and emails on their PDA's instantly.

    With hosted exchange we no longer worry about inhosue server failures, server backsup and all the associated hassles with that or ongoing training of our IT people.

    I know there are several providers out there, but I recommend Appriver.

  8. Shawn Fri, 3 Nov. 2006 01:00

    Speed of particle flow

    My company provides IT consulting services which focus mainly on small to medium businesses. I recently had the pleasure of working with AppRiver on a critical project of moving two companies from one Hosted Exchange environment to another - in less than a week.

    I contacted several Hosted Exchange providers to get quotes and questions answered concerning security along with other general support inquiries. Where certainly there are several Hosted Exchange providers to choose from, the factor alone of having Outlook mailboxes over internet is certainly not enough.

    This past week, I had a challenging deadline to move two businesses from one Email provider to another. Both customers were partial to Hosted Exchange. I contacted several Hosted Exchange providers to locate services. A few providers followed up with emails. Two called me, where only one called me within a few minutes - that was AppRiver. The other called me a day later.

    The sales force at AppRiver was extremely professional and knowledgeable about Hosted Exchange. Their prices for the level of service blew everyone else's pitch and gimmick out of the water. Not once did I hear, “Well, you get so and so mailboxes for X dollars, and an additional X dollars for SmartPhone ActiveSync/DirectPush, and another X amount for 100mb of disk space and let's not forget an additional X dollars for SPAM and virus protection, etc.”. - nope, none of that. No one else provides unlimited mailbox space, SmartPhone ActiveSync/Direct Push, SPAM and virus protection for one low price with a 30 day guarantee! I didn't even have to go through the troubles of providing a credit card. Granted though (deep breath), looking beyond, stellar pricing isn't everything.

    I decided to go ahead with AppRiver with one of my clients, and was I happily surprised by their level of service.

    AppRiver's friendly sales force “held my hand” through setting up the first client using their intuitive web-based management portal called Shoreline. I was able to setup each team member's mailbox in less than an hour. Better yet, AppRiver's built in tools allowed me to seamlessly transition all their mailboxes to their Hosted systems in only a few hours.

    While setting up this client's SmartPhone, I ran into an error. I called their support team and explained my problem. They took a message and said someone would contact me in 20 minutes (“yeah, I had heard that before”). AppRiver had a resolution to me within 5 minutes! Please note, this client hadn't paid a cent yet. This transition was extremely painless and encouraged me to move-over the second client.

    With the second client, I had a bit more of steep time line. They wanted to move over the weekend (please note, they went with the 30 day free trial). I signed up with their on-line signup store. Not only did they get me signed up over the weekend, but our AppRiver sales guy called me on Sunday to ensure everything went well with both clients!

    After only a few days, I am convinced AppRiver provides an extremely high level of service!

    I would highly recommend AppRiver for anyone who has Exchange Hosting needs.

    Dynamic Technical Solutions

  9. Aaron Jones Thu, 12 Oct. 2006 02:00

    Fast & Well-Supported

    I work for a web hosting provider that primarily specializes in Linux based solutions - however we've had a pressing need in-house for some of the organizational tools that exchange offers. We're currently using AppRiver's hosted Exchange services, and have used several services in the past.

    Hands down, AppRiver's product is the best we've used for hosted Exchange. Responsive servers, responsive support, and a reliable product. Specifically, I was impressed with the following:

    1) Support. We've made only a few support requests; but when we have they've been answered quickly and intelligently. In one case, we were answered by a developer who offered (and followed through) to add an additional feature to suit our needs.

    2) Control Panel. The "Shoreline" control panel offered by AppRiver is fast, easy to use, and rather intuitive. Setup of users, aliases, and getting applications such as Outlook and ActiveSync set up was simple. No learning curve required.

    3) FAST Servers. Other hosted exchange services we've used suffered from tremendous lag; even to the point of causing Outlook to not work. Using AppRiver we haven't seen any latency or slowness, whether we were accessing via Outlook, a handheld, or OWA.

    Overall, I can honestly say that I haven't been more pleased with a application service provider, ever.

    TheIdeaWeb, LLC

  10. Russ Bryson Mon, 25 Sept. 2006 02:00

    AppRiver Best-Of-Breed

    I am an independent computer consultant specializing in small business networks of 50 nodes or less. I have used various of AppRiver's services over the years and give these guys my strongest recommendation. I tried other Exchange hosting services (before AppRiver introduced their service) and IMHO AppRiver is hands down the best. Best features, best value, best vendor.

    In particular:

    1) Super reliable. As a small business consultant, I need unbreakable, self-sustaining, low maintenance solutions. In my experience, AppRiver has 100% uptime and requires minimal on-site expertise to administer. AppRiver allows my customers to obtain a level of service and fault-tolerance they could never afford to install on their own.

    2) Unbeatable value. $12.95 per user per month buys you 1 GB of storage. And it includes AppRiver's excellent anti-spam and anti-virus scanning service at no additional charge.

    3) Aggregated storage limits for the entire domain. This means high volume users and low volume users balance each other, often eliminating the need to purchase more space for the high volume users.

    4) Superior web-based management portal. Shoreline is an absolute breeze to use. User set up and admin is simple, as is activating advanced capabilities such as Blackberry or GoodLink PDA synchronization.

    5) Best-of-breed anti-spam and anti-virus service ("SecureTide"). It is accurate, powerful, customizable and easy to administer. Users get a daily interactive held-mail report allowing them to self-release held mail w/o administrator involvement (I think AppRiver pioneered this technique).

    6) Excellent customer service and tech support (the few times I've needed anything). Competent, friendly and prompt. Truly available 24x7.

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