Hosted Email Archiving

Last Updated on 29 June 2017, Total: 22 Products

Comprehensive list of Hosted Mail Archiving providers. Select one of the solution providers below for your Managed Mail Archiving needs.

  1. Featured

    MailStore Service Provider Edition

    Thanks to the MailStore Service Provider Edition, service providers will now be able to offer their customers email archiving as a service, thereby completing their email service portfolio. Service providers receive an unlimited, scalable software solution with the MailStore Service Provider Edition, which they will be able to independently operate either on their existing IT infrastructures or those they have... Read More

  2. modusCloud Email Archiving

    Vircom’s modusCloud Archiving securely captures internal and external communications through the use of the Microsoft Exchange Journaling feature. Features include; Real-time envelope journaling for Exchange, Searchability of all messages and attachments (and metadata), Unlimited Storage, Fully indexed, rapid search and retrieve email messages and all types of attachment, e-discovery, segmented archive per customer, Quick data export and Up to 10... Read More

  3. 1st Contact Email Archiving with Integrated Continuity Services

    1st Contact Email's Archiving and Continuity Services are cloud-based and work in tandem with your Exchange server to provide true Email Archiving with fully integrated Email Continuity. Incoming email arrives at the 1st Contact email servers for initial processing prior to being relayed to your internal Exchange server. Emails and attachments are imaged, queued, indexed and retained in the Continuity... Read More

  4. Orca Cloud eMail Archiving and e-Discovery Solution

    Intradyn Orca Cloud is a Software as Service (SaaS) based e-mail archiving solution, that is non-disruptive to your company’s IT infrastructure, requires no additional hardware or software, and has no additional cost for your organization. The Orca Cloud solution works with in-house or hosted Microsoft Exchange/O365, Google, Lotus Notes, or virtually any other IMAP or POP3 email system (including multiple... Read More

  5. Retain

    GWAVA enables hosters, service providers and IT resellers to offer the archiving solution Retain as a cloud-based service. Thus, customers can hand over a project to a trained GWAVA Cloud Partner and thereby create a lot of time and space for other important tasks. Retain in the cloud not only reduces the workload for the IT department, but is also... Read More

  6. Hosted Exchange Email Archiving

    Global Relay Archive is a world-class compliance archiving and monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates with email and messaging systems to deliver superior search, retrieval and monitoring capabilities. Its enterprise-class, web-based email archiving tools address the demands of regulatory compliance, audits and eDiscovery while alleviating the burdens of data management, storage, security and business continuity... Read More

  7. Mimecast Unified Email Management platform

    The Mimecast Unified Email Management platform is the only end-to-end unified solution for email management in the cloud - a fully SaaS-based solution that covers archiving, discovery, business continuity, security and policy management. Mimecast bridges the gap between SaaS email archiving and on-premise solutions with the introduction of MSE (Mimecast Services for Exchange). This is a lightweight software component which... Read More

  8. InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance Gold Award Winner with a "perfect 5 star rating." The InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance is a powerful, integrated system for email archiving, electronic discovery, compliance, and real-time content monitoring for email policy management. InBoxer provides message intelligence with powerful language technologies that categorize and quickly identify the messages and attachments you need. Yet, even with all that power, InBoxer's exclusive... Read More

  9. MailWise Archive - Extended Retention

    MailWise Archive is a data retention managed service that meets the growing demands for organizations to retain email in an offsite, secure location to assist with internal policy, regulatory compliance, and legal or e-discovery mandates such as those set forth under the 2006 amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Military-grade, SAS 70 compliant data center; Retrieve the... Read More

  10. SDR Hosted Email for Compliance

    The SDR solution can either be outsourced or deployed on-site. If compliance customers choose to outsource the e-mail servers, SDR can host POP3, MS-Exchange, or Lotus Notes. SDR has much experience and is fully versed in compliance requirements for Securities firms and Banks. We have used the system to assist our existing customers with regulatory request and audits. For the... Read More