1st Contact Email Archiving with Integrated Continuity Services

Last Updated on 22 Feb. 2016, Company: 1st Contact Email

1st Contact Email's Archiving and Continuity Services are cloud-based and work in tandem with your Exchange server to provide true Email Archiving with fully integrated Email Continuity. Incoming email arrives at the 1st Contact email servers for initial processing prior to being relayed to your internal Exchange server. Emails and attachments are imaged, queued, indexed and retained in the Continuity Archive in real time allowing access to all incoming emails even during an Exchange server outage. Spam filtering is applied and spam is quarantined. Quarantines can be browsed, searched, viewed and or released.

Using Exchange's journaling feature every email processed by your Exchange server is sent to 1st Contact's archiving process. The archive is indexed with full text search capabilities, and is regulatory retention and legal hold compliant.

1st Contact uses the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Each company is provided with its own dedicated pair of redundant servers, preventing any possibility of data contamination. The redundant servers are fully synchronized at all times reducing the probability of complete failure to virtually zero. Authorized users then log into 1st Contact’s secure web-based Archive Console to access its many features, including browsing, searching, viewing, retrieving, replying-to, forwarding and printing.

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