SMTP Relay Services

Last Updated on 4 Dec. 2014, Total: 10 Products

  1. Unified eMail SMTP eMail Relay Service

    Unified eMail's SMTP Relay service provides a secure, fast and reliable eMail delivery system whether you are sending from your corporate Exchange Server, handheld devices or a home PC/Laptop. The service utilizes high performance mail servers in clustered configurations to deliver outstanding reliability. Sender authentication including DKIM Signing, SPF and Sender ID is supported. Unified eMail participates in all major... Read More

  2. SocketLabs SMTP Relay Service

    SocketLabs SMTP Relay service handles DomainKey / DKIM Signing, SPF / Sender ID, ISP Traffic Shaping, Dynamic Throttling and more. The web based statistical reporting system gives you real-time insight into your delivery status 24×7, and the APIs enable you to integrate mailing statistics with your in-house applications... Read More

  3. SMTP2GO

    The Smtp2go service deals with blacklist monitoring, reverse DNS, DKIM, ISP throttling, blocked ports, and feedback loops with major email providers such as Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail (all of this happens behind the scenes). SMTP2GO has a completely dedicated cluster of servers hosted at Servint, one of the fastest data networks in the USA. Smtp2go staff checks the entire network's... Read More

  4. JangoSMTP

    JangoSMTP is a transactional email delivery service that adds tracking and authentication to email. Connect to the SMTP relay or use the transactional email API to send emails. It is available to Web programmers who send transactional email through their own corporate email servers and to users of iPhone or desktop clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. Enjoy the benefits of... Read More

  5. Bulk & Transactional Email Delivery, SMTP Relay

    Use Dyn Standard SMTP as your SMTP relay server and send your email with an authenticated secure relay over SSL/TLS and SMTPS without matching reverse DNS, complete with virus scanning. The service can be used as a secure SMTP relay server with no worries of reverse DNS matching or overloaded servers for up to 1500 messages per day with each... Read More

  6. SendGrid Cloud-based Infrastructure

    SendGrid's cloud-based email infrastructure relieves Enterprises of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom and on-premise email systems. With the industry’s top email delivery platform, SendGrid provides Enterprise customers with reliable and scalable email delivery, from a single platform, at a lower total cost of ownership. Flexible Web and SMTP APIs plus a simple SMTP relay set-up allow you to... Read More

  7. MailUp SMTP+

    MailUp is a complete email delivery solution: an SMTP relay service is built right into your MailUp account, at no extra cost. Send messages from a Web application, an ecommerce store, or even from your desktop, and enjoy high deliverability and detailed statistics. SMTP+ provides high deliverability and tracking, down to the recipient level. In technical terms, it's called a... Read More

  8. Elastic Email

    Elastic Email is a simple, fast email delivery service for your cloud application or marketing needs. Elastic Email is designed as an SMTP relay for reliable delivery of email marketing newsletters or single recipient transactional emails with detailed delivery statistics... Read More

  9. Synametrics Smtp Gateway

    Synametrics Smtp Gateway is an SMTP server that can be used as backup e-mail server and Load balancing for out-bound messages - Users can use the Synametrics Smtp Gateway to send out-bound messages to recipients on the Internet. This elevates significant load from your primary e-mail server, particularly if you need to send out-bound messages to hundreds or thousands of... Read More

  10. MessageGears Accelerator

    MessageGears Accelerator combines the power of an Enterprise Email Marketing solution with the convenience of SaaS. It runs on-premise, behind your firewall, which enables direct integration with your corporate databases. Accelerator sends your email jobs to the MessageGears Cloud for delivery and tracking, so there are no email servers to install, and you’ll be up and running in just a... Read More