Calendar Tools

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Calendar Tools

  1. AgendaX: Group calendaring for Exchange and Office 365

    Leverage Microsoft Exchange and Outlook group calendaring with AgendaX. Get a global view of staff and resource schedules – also in large and geographically dispersed organizations. Managing and organizing meetings has never been easier with overviews that show multiple calendars representing your team members, company vehicles, meeting rooms - even across companies! Works with any Exchange server version and Office... Read More

  2. Add2Exchange ToolBox Add On

    Add2Exchange ToolBox™ (A2E ToolBox™) has many useful tools for monitoring, modifying and optimizing the operation of Add2Exchange for Calendars, Contacts and Tasks™. A2E ToolBox™ was developed to provide more power for Add2Exchange users with special configuration, move or “start over” needs. There are many tools included in the Free Tools section of the A2EToolBox and there Advanced Tools which can... Read More

  3. Add2Exchange Enterprise Sync Suite

    Add2Exchange is a server-side solution which automatically syncs items between any combination of Exchange public folders or Outlook personal folders. Add2Exchange supports synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, mail, & notes folders. Other uses include GAL sync to your mobile devices. Add2Exchange is a multi-featured, versatile solution giving you complete control on how you want synchronization & changes handled between selected... Read More

  4. GALsync

    GALsync's primary purpose is to synchronize address lists and objects between Active Directory environments thus making it easier for two different company's staff to communicate with each other. The tool accomplishes this by providing each organization with a Global Address List that includes each company's staff's email address and associated information. In addition to assisting with GAL synchronization, which is... Read More

  5. WebTeam Central

    WebTeam Central allows colleagues and team-members to view and schedule company wide appointments dependent on Outlook® permissions. This allows for improved communication and more efficient scheduling within an organization while providing the flexibility needed in today's mobile environment. It’s ideal for all types of organizations: small, medium, large, and mobile. WebTeam Central gives managers, receptionists and co-workers an instant and... Read More

  6. Add-on Exchange Central

    Our clients based group calendar, which allows group scheduling of employees, resources and conference rooms. Exchange Central is a planning tool for Outlook users, who want to control and manage many Outlook calendars and/or Outlook resources. Exchange Central improves as well the collaboration as the communication level between employees and the different departments in your company/organization. If you miss the... Read More

  7. TimeFleX Group Calendar WEB and Mobile

    Why use an add-on time management software solution like TimeFleX for Microsoft Exchange (Outlook / OWA)? The reason is simple. TimeFleX goes well above and beyond the basic features and functionalities that are provided in Exchange calendars, making your organization's users more productive, efficient and responsive. The TimeFleX solution is completely scalable and delivers clear value-add for organizations ranging in... Read More

  8. Exchange Central

    Get a quick overview of multiple calendars such as employees, resources, and conference rooms with a group calendar for Outlook®. Exchange Central is a planning tool for Outlook® users, who want to control and manage many Outlook® calendars and/or Outlook® resources. Exchange Central improves collaboration and communication between employees and the different departments in your company/organization. If you miss the... Read More

  9. Resource Central

    Schedule Outlook® meetings with Resource Central - including ordering additional services such as catering. Resource Central cures your meeting booking headaches by managing it all. Not only can you reduce your time spend on booking meetings, you can also improve your meeting room usage with a reporting system, enhance your customer service with guest registration, book meetings and resources on... Read More

  10. Messageware CalendarShare

    Messageware CalendarShare adds Outlook-like features to enhance OWA calendaring, making it easier to manage and access calendars remotely. Features include the ability to view multiple calendars side-by-side in multiple views, manage delegate rights from within OWA by setting permission levels to allow others to view/edit/manage calendars on their behalf, import national/religious holidays and company events, manage private and public calendars,... Read More