Exchange groupcalendar 3.0 for E2010 and E2007

Last Updated on 3 Feb. 2011, Company: OpusFlow b.v.

Synchronizes appointments from user calendars to public calendars and back. Filters in the software make sure that only the appointments that are relevant to that particular group calendar become visible publicly.
Includes a number of unique features like:
- Setting up one mandatory category list and colors for all exchange users so everyone uses the same colors.
- Admin users (managers) can create one single item in a groupcalendar that replicates to all user calendar and they can not remove that from their calendar.
- Teams (all sales or support staff) can push calendar items into the personal calendar of (all) their team members from the mobile or outlook calendar
- Admins (managers) can annotate items in the group calendar and the change replicates back to the user calendar (assign tasks to staff)
- No software install on client computers, does not have to be installed on the exchange server, works with hosted exchange too.
- Flexible licensing starts at 20 cents per calendar per month.

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Review and Comments

  1. Patrick Fredrich Mon, 5 June 2006 02:00

    Exchange GroupCalendar Review

    We have been using Echange group calendar for almost 2 years now, and based on our experience with this product I would highly recommend it!

    The set-up/install on our exchange server was easy. The maintenance and updates to the products are as well very easy to apply.

    The product is regulary updated/improved and certainly works as advertised.

    Using this product, we have been able to create and share public calendars not only for the various departments of our US based company but also for all our resources, and also for our various branch offices in the US and/or in China and Europe.

    The big plus is all installation/set-up is done at the server level. No client to install what so ever. This is perfect for remote users/offices.

    Another big plus is the quality of service offered by Opusflow, we have had a few questions in the past and we always received an answer and solutions within 24 hours, this is what I call great service and support.

    If users and resources scheduling is a big requirement for your company, do not look any further, this is the product to get and the price is just right for the functionality offered.


  2. Peter Mon, 5 June 2006 02:00


    Tried it for a while to create a shared groupcalendar for our office. Experienced very unreliable results. Support couldn't provide a satisfactory solution. After multiple reinstalls and updates we stopped using it.

  3. Tor Wed, 8 Feb. 2006 01:00

    The most easy to use

    Just use the calendar as usual and the appointment appears in the groupcalendar automaticly. Good support.

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