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Last Updated on 9 June 2004, Company: ColumbiaSoft Corporation

Document Locator is a document management solution for any size business. Capture, manage, and share any document including PDF files, CAD files, scanned documents, emails and their attachments, faxes, and more. Document Locator is fully integrated into Windows, Microsoft Office and Outlook. Features such as: check out / check in, version control, document profiling, comprehensive search, template management, notifications and approvals, project management, linked documents, built-in scanning software, support for different tools, task manager, customizable SDK, and full security and auditing.

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  1. John Kupski Thu, 17 July 2003 02:00

    Great Software

    We purchased Document Locator strictly for scanning in tons of medical documents, however we quickly realized that Document Locator is so much more than just scanning. We now manage all of our Microsoft Office documents in the repository, eliminating our version control issues and saving us time when searching for documents. Great product and an affordable price.

    Fortune 1000 medical

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