Email Archive & Storage

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Email Archive and Storage

  1. AXS-One Compliance Platform

    he AXS-One Compliance Platform gives organizations the underlying architecture to ensure the integrity, security, privacy and retention of all electronic records, not just e-mail, are managed according to internal policies and regulations. Furthermore, from a single interface, all records such as e-mail, instant messages, desktop documents, SAP data, and system reports can be searched, reviewed and produced to meet a... Read More

  2. Alchemy MailStore for Exchange

    Alchemy MailStore solves email regulatory compliance and records retention issues for Microsoft users. It archives company email from Microsoft Exchange servers into a secure repository, and provides easy retrieval, sorting, and reporting capabilities. MailStore produces self-contained CD or DVD copies, as well as provides full text indexing (attachments included), data compression, and a robust search engine... Read More

  3. Aloaha MailAndArchive

    Aloaha MailAndArchive is a great email archiving solution which integrates into any existing mail infrastructure - be it MS Exchange or any other Mail Server. It gives you all the business benefits of email archiving without the setup and running costs which are usually associated with such archiving solutions. With its remarkable small footprint and very easy installation and configuration... Read More

  4. Archive Attender for Exchange

    Archive Attender automatically archives messages and attachments to an external storage device from Exchange mailboxes, public folders and network accessible PST files. Management is executed through an application interface that can be used to setup the schedule, search the indexed archives and view reports. With Archive Attender, administrators can also allow end users to view and search for their archived... Read More

  5. ArchiveShuttle for Cloud and On-Premise

    ArchiveShuttle is a cloud-powered or On-Premise solution for the migration of email archives to more cost effective platforms such as Proofpoint Enterprise Archive and Office 365. The tool accommodates a wide variety of scenarios and provides an intelligent, end-to-end approach to email migration helping you complete migration projects much faster. Our flexible architecture and modular approach helps to address the... Read More

  6. Athena Archiver Email Archiving

    Athena Archiver is an email archiving solution that will allow you to create a secure archive with the capability to search and retrieve past email. Athena Archiver includes email archiving, regulatory compliance, storage management, disaster recovery and litigation support in a unified offering. Features: Email Management - Storage Management - Policy Management - Discovery Management - Corporate Governance - Litigation... Read More

  7. Barracuda ArchiveOne

    ArchiveOne gives you ownership and control over all of your import communication, documents and other unstructured data. ArchiveOne safely archives your emails and files, making it easy to comply with email retention policies and easy to find information no matter where it resides. Built on a simple and flexible design, ArchiveOne gives your organization ownership and control over your data... Read More

  8. CI-Archive

    Use CI-Archiv to archive your emails centrally, easily and in compliance with legislation. It includes functions such as, Central management, Quick full text search - can be used immediately, Easy Outlook "look & feel" operation and many more... Read More

  9. Dell Archive Manager

    Archive Manager is a complete email archiving software solution that enables you to capture, retain, and using advanced search, discover and explore your Exchange email system. Through Archive Manager, a single instance of each email message is captured and granular retention and disposition policies are applied, ensuring efficient and effective Exchange email archiving... Read More

  10. EMC SourceOne Email Management for Microsoft Exchange

    EMC SourceOne Email Management for Microsoft Exchange is a next-generation e-mail archiving solution that helps you reduce operational costs while enforcing e-mail record-keeping policies in compliance with internal governance as well as industry and government regulations. With EMC SourceOne Email Management for Microsoft Exchange, you improve user productivity by providing seamless access to archived content. You gain proactive information management... Read More