Esker Fax Server

Last Updated on 13 Aug. 2015, Company: Esker Software

Esker Fax Server solutions provide high-volume production faxing from enterprise applications including SAP, ERP, CRM, financial systems and more, along with high-performance desktop fax integrated with leading email platforms such as Microsoft® Exchange.

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Review and Comments

  1. Jigan Shah Wed, 5 July 2006 02:00

    Esker Fax

    Esker Fax for Exchange is very nice to automate inbound and outbound faxing in an Exchange Environment.

    Exchange Connector can either be installed on Exchange Server or on the Fax Server. It does a littleb bit of Schema Modification but nothing harmful.

    DID routing works great for inbound routing.

  2. Dale Smith Wed, 22 June 2005 02:00


    This product was hard to configure and support.

    Gordon Flesch

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