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GoldFax is a leading fax solution provider, offering a range of fax solutions in pure cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises architectures. GoldFax offerings interoperate well with Active Directory, on-prem Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange and Office 365, as well as other email systems. API-enabled solutions include integrations with CRM, ERP, CMS, identity authentication, disaster recovery and more.

For medium-to-high volume faxing, GoldFax Server is a high-performance fax solution at a small-business price. It runs on Windows Server (physical or VM). Choose the architecture best for you: a) On-premises: GoldFax can utilize a wide range of fax/telecom technologies including fax boards, gateways, VoIP/ FoIP, T1/PRI, SIP trunks. b) Hybrid cloud: On-premises GoldFax server communicates via HTTPS to robust cloud-based telephony, obviating the need for on-premises telecom.

For low-to-high volume faxing, eGoldFax is a fax software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering which leverages the cloud’s full capability. Customers require no software, hardware, phone lines, phone bills, or IT assistance.

Customers frequently state they chose GoldFax because GoldFax is proven, secure and affordable. For nearly 20 years GoldFax has delivered fax solutions to a wide spectrum of industries including security-conscious and compliance-regulated verticals such as healthcare, financial services and government. Customer support is provided directly by GoldFax and is not outsourced or off-shore.

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  1. Andy Clarkson Wed, 6 April 2011 02:00

    Problem-free installation and great support

    I have recently had to review fax connectors to choose one for a client. In my opinion GoldFax was the simplest to install and configure - it doesn't over-complicate things like some of the alternatives do, and their connector will work with any email client not just Exchange. My client sends anything between 1 and 10,000 faxes per day and GoldFax copes with this usage with no problems. Their technical support is excellent - you speak directly with the company that makes the software - so any question is answered swiftly and you don't get passed to helpdesk staff that don't have a clue about the software which seems to happen with a lot of other companies I've dealt with. aybrt

    Clarkson IT Consultants

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