Free Exchange Tools

Last Updated on 27 March 2017, Total: 28 Products

Microsoft Exchange Server software section, listing the latest free tools for Exchange Server

  1. Vembu BDR Suite Free Edition

    Vembu BDR Suite Free Edition offers Backup and Recovery for both virtual and physical environments forever with no costs involved. With agentless backups for virtual environments, multiple recovery options, in-house file system for efficient storage management and secured data transmission, Vembu BDR Suite presents a free edition software which is best suited for all types of businesses who wish to... Read More

  2. Kernel Exchange EDB Viewer

    Kernel Exchange EDB Viewer is a free tool designed to access the Exchange database files without any requirement of installing the MS Exchange Server. It is simply a window to view the mailboxes and public folders even from severely affected files. This EDB Viewer tool even permits its user to save differential information in HTML for easy access. With a... Read More

  3. ScanIt

    Monitoring the size and growth of Exchange mailboxes is an important part of your job. ScanIt from Netmail is an easy-to-use reporting tool to help you more accurately predict future email storage needs. ScanIt provides statistics for the busiest mailboxes in the organization so you can monitor end user quotas, email consumption, and activity levels to prevent mailbox sizes from... Read More

  4. Free LoadMaster

    A free version of our popular Virtual LoadMaster™ (VLM) application load balancer/reverse proxy, available for unlimited use, making it easy for IT developers and open source technology users to benefit from all the features of a full commercial-grade product at no cost. KEMP’s new Free LoadMaster™ is not a trial – it’s an unlimited layer 4-7 Application Delivery Controller with... Read More

  5. Netwrix Change Notifier for Exchange (Freeware)

    Fills major gaps in native auditing tools by tracking every change made to your Group Policy objects (GPOs), including changes to GPO links, audit policy, password policy and software deployment. 100% Free Tool... Read More

  6. Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory (Freeware)

    Provides visibility into what’s happening inside your Active Directory by tracking changes to AD users, group membership, organizational units and permissions. Daily reports detail every change made during the last 24 hours, including the before and after values. 100% Free Tool... Read More

  7. Free Email Security Grader

    Vircom’s Free email security grader run's a series of security tests on all mail servers including Microsoft exchange servers. The test includes: •MX record verification •Verification of DNSBL listing •SPF server testing •SPF client testing •Open relay and email format testing •Clear text authentication... Read More

  8. Free PST Viewer

    Outlook PST Viewer is a freeware window based solution used to open and view all components of the PST files outside the Outlook environment. The software is designed with a powerful algorithm with that users can even view the content of corrupted PST file. The tool provides different modes (Hex, MIME, RTF, Property and Header View etc.) to view the... Read More

  9. Office 365 Endpoint Testing Tool

    Free utility for testing Office 365 speed and latency: One of the main things you need to get right to ensure the most efficient and speedy connectivity to Office 365 is where in the world your DNS call is being completed from. You’d think this wouldn’t matter, you do a DNS lookup for your Office 365 tenant, get the address,... Read More

  10. Exchange EDB Viewer

    Exchange EDB viewer is a window based freeware tool with which users can easily view the mailboxes and public folders of EDB file outside the Exchange environment. The software also has potential to open the Encrypted, Password Protected and Corrupted Exchange database. By using this freeware solution users can easily view the content of any sized EDB file as the... Read More