Office 365 Endpoint Testing Tool

Last Updated on 1 Oct. 2015, Company: Priasoft

Free utility for testing Office 365 speed and latency: One of the main things you need to get right to ensure the most efficient and speedy connectivity to Office 365 is where in the world your DNS call is being completed from. You’d think this wouldn’t matter, you do a DNS lookup for your Office 365 tenant, get the address, then connect right? Well, normally yes, but with Office 365, especially with Outlook, Microsoft does some pretty clever work to utilize a worldwide array of data-centers to help ensure you get connected to a regional data-center.

Using our free utility you can actually quickly test speed and latency from your location to all Microsoft data center end points around the world. The application will display which GEO data center you are receiving from DNS and then test all known data centers to make sure you are receiving the best recommendation from GEO DNS. If it’s shown that another data center is a better choice, you can then implement any required changes.

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