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List Servers - Mgmt

  1. YL Mail Man

    YL Mail Man is a flexible email addresses management and email delivering software. it helps companies or shareware authors organize and manage large volumes of customer email addresses and contact them by email in simple steps. the multi-level categories feature allows the user organize and manage all kinds of contacts and addresses. the built-in HTML Email Editor allows the user... Read More

  2. SmartDL

    SmartDL enables automated DL and Group Management. With SmartDL, you can build distribution lists and security groups based on queries against Active Directory, files, databases, or other external sources. SmartDL now includes a conversion tool for former Active Groups customers that will convert groups created with Active Groups into SmartDL's... Read More

  3. WebDir Groups

    Reduce the administrative costs of updating static groups. Allows users to create, subscribe to, and update Active Directory group membership anytime, from a browser... Read More

  4. CommuniMail - Perl Mailing List Manager

    SibSoft CommuniMail is a Perl Mailing List Manager and Newsletter Subscription Script with bounce back system and WYSIWYG editor. It's a program that handles the subscriptions of a mailing list and also sends out newsletters - emails that are received by everyone who is subscribed to the mailing list. The goal of SibSoft CommuniMail is that it's able to be... Read More

  5. Ikakura (Reddfish Listserver)

    Ikakura 4 is an add-on application for Microsoft Exchange Server, to automate subscription to Exchange Server's "Distribution Lists". Ikakura is compatible with Exchange Server 5.x and also Exchange Server 2000 and 2003. Ikakura 4 has been independently tested by Veritest and "Verified for Windows Server 2003". It features a new "MSI" based installer... Read More

  6. D.L. Manager

    D.L. Manager can maintain your organization's distribution lists/groups by automatically updating them on a predefined schedule you determine. Distribution list/groups can be maintained by specifying what parameters are used to populate the distribution lists/groups. A complete list of fields in the Microsoft Exchange mailbox details template can be used. Maintenance criteria can also consist of unrelated details template fields like... Read More