Last Updated on 29 June 2017, Total: 37 Products


  1. CoexLinks

    Through merger, acquisition or corporate decision, your company faces a future with both Microsoft Exchange/Outlook for e-mail and IBM Lotus Domino/Notes for applications or for some mail users. If those applications use workflow or users send Notes doclinks, your company needs Genii Software's CoexLinks, an enterprise solution for Notes doclinks going to Outlook. Works either together with the Microsoft Exchange... Read More

  2. Dell Migrator for GroupWise

    Migrator for GroupWise provides successful migration results by removing complexity, accelerating your transition and mitigating the risk of data loss and downtime. It quickly and accurately migrates email, calendars, tasks, personal address books, frequent contacts, archives, recurring meetings, and more, in less time than you thought possible... Read More

  3. Address Magic Enterprise Edition

    Enterprise solution for the migration of address books, contacts and messages between Netscape 4, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, and Outlook. Copy users' personal addresses from the old email application to the new, even if they are on different machines. Complete scripting interface allows data cleaning, consistency checking, and other address book operations... Read More

  4. Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange

    Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange allows you complete control over your migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange. This solution can migrate directly from Notes to Exchange 2007. Notes Migrator for Exchange provides a reliable high performance migration while having minimal impact on end users. It converts these users' mail, calendars, tasks, personal address books and stores them on their... Read More

  5. Quest Exchange Migration Wizard

    Quest Exchange Migration Wizard is a migration and coexistence application for migrating Exchange 5.5-based environments to Exchange 2000, 2003 or 2007. EMW enables organizations to migrate from Exchange 5.5 directly to Exchange 2007 with ZeroIMPACTâ„¢ on the end-user... Read More

  6. QuickMail migration to Exchange or Outlook

    The program migrates QuickMail folders, address books, address group and contacts to Exchange Server or Outlook PST. It also migrates MeetingMaker scheduling information to Outlook calendar... Read More

  7. NetIQ Exchange Migrator

    NetIQ Exchange Migrator allows you to move Exchange mailboxes, distribution lists, custom recipients and public folders from one organization or site to another. NetIQ Exchange Migrator retains calendar and public folder permissions and reconciles distribution list memberships. Exchange Migrator lets you use scripts to modify object attributes, update client mailbox profiles and synchronize mailbox and public folder information, enabling migrated... Read More