Misc. Exchange server software

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Misc. Exchange server software

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    Symprex Out-of-Office Manager

    Symprex Out-of-Office Manager allows you to centrally manage out-of-office settings and messages for all users in your organization on Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. You can view and change the out-of office-settings and messages for anyone at the click of a button, and without requiring you to have full access to mailbox contents. You can also change out-of-office settings... Read More

  2. GSX Gizmo | Microsoft Exchange Monitoring

    GSX Solutions provides out-of-the box monitoring to ensure your applications are performing the way they should, all around the world, whether they're on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. GSX Gizmo sits on a virtual machine or any laptop to automatically discover, display and troubleshoot the health of an organization’s Unified Communications environments. GSX Gizmo is a powerful web-based dashboard that... Read More

  3. Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange

    Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange is the simple, manageable and robust way to send from multiple email addresses while maintaining a single Exchange mailbox. With Email Alias Manager you can choose the email address you want to send from when composing your email - and automatically reply to incoming message using the address they were sent to. Email Alias... Read More

  4. Free Web Transaction Watcher

    SolarWinds free Web Transaction Watcher allows you to easily record and capture the results of a web transaction running live on your site. Instead of writing a complicated script, you can perform the same task with just the touch of a button! Simply start the recorder, perform all the necessary steps in your transaction as any customer would, and hit... Read More

  5. Enterprise Permission Reporter

    If you are an administrator in an Active Directory environment then you want to know what's happening in your environment. That means being able to audit changes to things like NTFS permissions on shared folders and files, membership in security groups, and permissions on objects in Active Directory. If you only have the in-box tools on the Windows Server platform,... Read More

  6. CI-Out of Office Manager

    It's vital to keep customers and business partners informed when their emails can't be answered for the time being (for instance due to illness, holiday, training etc.). CI Out of Office absence manager enables you to manage absence messages centrally within your organisation. The software allows for certain users, defined in advance (e.g. human resources managers, secretaries, heads of departments)... Read More

  7. Free Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory Tool

    Now you can quickly see WHO has permission to do WHAT and answer the questions that suck up your time and your patience. See how easy it is to get instantaneous visibility into the effective permissions and access rights for a specific file folder or share drive—all from a cool desktop dashboard! Think of all the time and money you... Read More

  8. Free WMI Monitor

    Solarwinds FREE desktop tool, WMI Monitor, allows you to quickly and easily monitor real-time performance metrics on any Windows server or application with a slick desktop dashboard. Choose from pre-built application templates in the tool! Don't be the last one to find out when Exchange, Sharepoint or other mission-critical applications go down! Download this FREE TOOL from Solarwinds!... Read More

  9. RouteBySender for Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010

    Exchange 2007/2010 does not provide any option on the Send Connectors or Transport rules to set sender based routing. The RouteBySender application allows you to route outgoing emails based on sender group membership or based on the sender's domain. Typical usage scenario: Let's assume that your Exchange 2007/2010 server has only one send connector "Internet Connector" using DNS for the... Read More

  10. Auto Reply Manager

    Reply Manager can be used as any email autoresponder program, except that it works directly from within Microsoft Outlook, as an add-in. This way, the autoresponder handles incoming emails and generated email replies by handling your Outlook emails and not by intercepting the email POP traffic, as other autoresponders do. Moreover, being integrated with Microsoft Outlook, the autoresponder can use... Read More