Misc. Exchange server software

Last Updated on 22 Dec. 2016, Total: 47 Products

Misc. Exchange server software

  1. ADSynch Light

    A lightweight directory synchronization service for Active Directory and Exchange (but also any other LDAP diredctory), which does not require extra server or database licenses, and which also has built in reporting options. It is suited for GAL synchronization, Directory shadowing, migration support. A free evaluation version can requested from our website, where you also find detailed information on the... Read More

  2. Attachment Executive Server Side

    Attachment Executive Server Side is a complete attachment management solution. Process attachments, or obtain an analysis report on mailboxes and public folders based on attachment type, name and a vast number of other choices. Administrators can now setup rules to analyze and then process attachments on particular mailboxes or public folders and have them dealt with accordingly... Read More

  3. Attachment Save for Exchange

    Attachment Save for Exchange is a solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, designed for automatic processing of emails and attached files. The product allows saving/deleting messages and attached files based upon specified criteria directly while message passing (sending/receiving) through Exchange server. Using this exchange attachment manager, you are able to block attachments, remove attachments and save... Read More

  4. Auto Reply Manager

    Reply Manager can be used as any email autoresponder program, except that it works directly from within Microsoft Outlook, as an add-in. This way, the autoresponder handles incoming emails and generated email replies by handling your Outlook emails and not by intercepting the email POP traffic, as other autoresponders do. Moreover, being integrated with Microsoft Outlook, the autoresponder can use... Read More

  5. BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

    BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Servers helps you provide availability and performance of your Exchange Servers and the dependent business processes. This product provides centralized and proactive management, advanced problem notification, automated recovery actions, intelligent event correlation and comprehensive service reporting. This unique product provides “early warning” of potential problems based on patented predictive analytics. It generates fewer, intelligent events through... Read More

  6. CI-Out of Office Manager

    It's vital to keep customers and business partners informed when their emails can't be answered for the time being (for instance due to illness, holiday, training etc.). CI Out of Office absence manager enables you to manage absence messages centrally within your organisation. The software allows for certain users, defined in advance (e.g. human resources managers, secretaries, heads of departments)... Read More

  7. CSCatchAll

    CSCatchAll adds a catch-all mailbox capability to Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003 server installations. Without this extension, Exchange Server sends a non-delivery message to the sender of the email if the recipient email address is not found in the active directory. CSCatchAll is this missing Exchange catch-all extension and allows you to define a collection mailbox for every domain name... Read More

  8. ChooseFrom for Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010

    Exchange mailbox may have multiple SMTP addresses. For outgoing messages Exchange server always uses the primary SMTP address. For example, John Doe has a mailbox with john.doe@companya.com primary SMTP address and john.doe@companyb.com secondary smtp address. John Doe can easily receive the message addressed both to john.doe@companya.com and john.doe@companyb.com, but he can not send the message as john.doe@companyb.com because this behaviour... Read More

  9. CodeTwo Exchange Sync

    CodeTwo Exchange Sync is an application enabling automatic synchronization of data between selected folders hosted on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2000. The synchronization is real-time and occurs in the background transparently to the user. Synchronized data can be of any type: mail, calendars, contacts, tasks etc. The program enables multiple synchronization types and... Read More

  10. DameWare NT Utilities

    Get one-click connections to remote laptops, desktops, and servers - even unattained machines - by using Dameware's NT Utilities! With built-in chat, file transfer, and one-click screenshot features, you can manage domains, workstations, disk drives, event logs, groups, processes, and more with ease. Export Windows device information and configurations into XML and CSV formats. Ditch those native Microsoft tools and... Read More