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Last Updated on 24 Nov. 2010, Company: S.C. Digital Software Development S.R.L.

Reply Manager can be used as any email autoresponder program, except that it works directly from within Microsoft Outlook, as an add-in. This way, the autoresponder handles incoming emails and generated email replies by handling your Outlook emails and not by intercepting the email POP traffic, as other autoresponders do. Moreover, being integrated with Microsoft Outlook, the autoresponder can use Outlook email properties in order to send personalised auto-emails, such as inserting personalised greetings or setting the reply importance level.

Our autoresponder add-in for Outlook does not require the Microsoft Exchange server in order to run, although it supports the Outlook to Exchange connectivity. Practically, you can use our autoresponder program with Outlook no matter your email account types or mail server software. The autoresponder add-in can handle POP3, IMAP, HTTP or any other email account that you are using with Microsoft Outlook. When defining a reply rule, the autoresponder will show all your email accounts in the email accounts filter tab, so you can select for which accounts you want the autoresponder rule to be enabled. You can also use the autoresponder add-in for Outlook to send automatic email confirmations, such as out of office emails, vacation emails or automatic confirmations for service support or sales requests.

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