OWA Addons

Last Updated on 3 Aug. 2016, Total: 23 Products

OWA Addons

  1. FileWay for OWA

    FileWay enables specific share access by groups or individals and enables simple browse and click for shares. FileWay works with different platforms and multiple browser types. FileWay is accessed directly…or through OWA or SharePoint while, it supports viewing of over 300 file types…plus video streaming!... Read More

  2. OWA Essentials

    OWA Essentials Suite turns Outlook Web Access into a powerful enterprise employee access portal. Drive OWA utilization and adoption with this suite of 5 killer applications; FileWay, AttachWay, SecureView, OWA Launcher and new PSTWay for OWA. By incorporating Single-sign-on users can access their corporate data securely. OWA becomes the new portal dashboard for all means of access. Get our 5... Read More

  3. Messageware OWA Server Suite

    The Messageware OWA Server Suite provides corporations and OWA users with essential security and productivity features that are not natively available in Outlook Web App/Access to provide a richer, more secure web mail solution and a more familiar environment for users migrating to OWA from Outlook. The Messageware OWA Server Suite combines all 6 of our award-winning server-side applications into... Read More

  4. Messageware AttachView

    Messageware AttachView provides OWA users with secure access to email attachments by converting them into secure web pages and extending WebReady viewing to 400+ file types. It gives Exchange Administrators control over security settings such as the ability to view/open/print/save documents to prevent data exposure. It gives OWA users advanced features like the ability to view files without the native... Read More

  5. OWA For PDA

    OWA For PDA is a server-based, client-independent, mobile Outlook Web Access addon. Now you can give your mobile workforce Web browser access to their MS Exchange mailboxes from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet, using only a simple Handheld PC or PDA (such as a SmartPhone, Windows Mobile, iPhone, PocketPC, Palm or Blackberry device)... Read More

  6. Entrust Secure Email Certificates (Enterprise)

    EEntrust Secure Email Certificates are publicly trusted S/MIME certificates that enable individuals or organizations to encrypt and digitally sign emails and other documents... Read More

  7. PSTWay for OWA

    Connect Outlook Web Access users with their PST files & Personal Folders. PSTWay drives OWA's acceptance and utilization by allowing users to access all their data including: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks. PSTs can remain on local or network drives and shared between Outlook and OWA. All access is via OWA's standard interface and users have complete ability to manage... Read More

  8. Messageware ActiveSend

    Messageware ActiveSend completely integrates OWA with the computer and desktop applications to provide users with increased Outlook-like convenience and productivity. With ActiveSend, it is possible to send email directly from within desktop applications and websites by enabling the “SendTo” and “Mail to” commands with OWA as the default email; two functions that are not natively available. Messageware ActiveSend integrates easily... Read More

  9. WebTeam Central

    WebTeam Central allows colleagues and team-members to view and schedule company wide appointments dependent on Outlook® permissions. This allows for improved communication and more efficient scheduling within an organization while providing the flexibility needed in today's mobile environment. It’s ideal for all types of organizations: small, medium, large, and mobile. WebTeam Central gives managers, receptionists and co-workers an instant and... Read More

  10. Messageware TimeGuard

    Messageware TimeGuard protects OWA accounts from users who leave their OWA accounts open or fail to logoff by automatically ending OWA sessions after a pre-set period of inactivity. TimeGuard prompts users when their session has been inactive for the pre-set amount of time and gives them the option to extend the session or logoff. A max timeout also forces users... Read More

  11. Messageware Plus Pack

    Messageware Plus Pack makes OWA look and operate more like desktop Outlook by seamlessly integrating essential features most requested by users familiar with Outlook, thereby enhancing usability and user productivity. Some key features include intuitive addressing from public folders and SharePoint lists, rolodex-style address book, roaming personal dictionaries, advanced searching and calendar views/reminders, and an interactive new mail notification that... Read More

  12. Messageware NavGuard

    Messageware NavGuard prevents confidential company data from being exposed when users attempt to leave an active OWA session to browse other sites without first logging off. In native OWA, navigating away from active OWA sessions opens up a security vulnerability by leaving OWA sessions accessible to other users. With NavGuard, users are alerted that a security event is about to... Read More

  13. Everywhere Networks FileWay

    FileWay is a server based software product that installs in your Active Directory environment to provide your web-enabled users with secure remote access to their files and folders... from anywhere, using any browser or mobile device. It can also integrate with Outlook, Outlook for Web Access (OWA) and Sharepoint to provide additional functionality as well as a single point of... Read More