Outlook Addons

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Outlook Addons

  1. 4Team for MS Outlook 2002

    Manage your teams and projects in MS Outlook with this workgroup utility without a server. Using an Internet connection (dial-up or broadband) or your company's intranet, your team members can share and manage their calendar,contacts and documents, assign tasks,invite to meetings,post news,create discussions and have access to other information in their standard MS Outlook 2002... Read More

  2. Advanced Folders Watch

    Advanced Folders Watch is a flexible tool for managers, analysts, observers, technical support team members — for everyone who has to deal with a great number of e-mail messages, who has respond to e-mail messages on-the-fly, as well as for ones who appreciate their time. Advanced Folders Watch is a system designed to monitor Microsoft Outlook folder and public folders... Read More

  3. Aladdins - Word Documents

    Aladdins Word Documents integrates into Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to choose from up to 50 document styles to compose Microsoft Word documents using Outlook contact data. Aladdins also lets you locate and access any files relating to a contact... Read More

  4. Attachment Options

    Attachment Options is an Outlook 2002 COM add-in that provides a user interface for changing which file types are restricted as Level 1 attachments. Level 1 attachments are hidden by Outlook, and cannot be seen, saved or opened from Outlook items. Moving an attachment extension to Level 2 enables the user to see the attachment and to save it to... Read More

  5. BackRex Mail Backup

    BackRex Mail Backup allows you to backup, transfer or migrate your favorite mail reader settings and data such as mail folders, address books, filters, message rules and other. BackRex Mail Backup supports following mail clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail, The Bat!. Additionally, Internet Explorer settings and favorites are also backed up. You can use BackRex Mail Backup to transfer... Read More

  6. CCS Service Request

    CCS Service Request adds workflow, notifications, assignment and reporting features to turn Outlook into a powerful service desk application that is easy to use and deploy across your organization. CCS Service Request fits any issue/service tracking need. Template plug-ins provide a jump-start for your service desk needs... Read More

  7. CenturionMail

    CenturionMail is a Windows based utility to send encrypted information by email. Recipients of encrypted messages receive an attachment to the email which when executed requires the user to enter a password to open it. CenturionMail is integrated in MS Outlook. One button operation within the Outlook composing window is all that is needed to send an encrypted email. Users... Read More

  8. CodeTwo Active Directory Photos

    CodeTwo Active Directory Photos will let you easily upload even thousands of user's photographs to Active Directory and make managing them a breeze. The pictures will display in Outlook 2010 internal emails, contacts and GALs. It is also possible to add those photos to server-sided email signatures to make your corporate signatures look more professional, and to let your customers... Read More

  9. CodeTwo Attach Unblocker

    CodeTwo Attach Unblocker allows to open attachments that are blocked by Outlook by default. Some types of files, e.g. EXE, URL, or REG are considered potentially dangerous for the system as they may contain viruses. Therefore Outlook does not allow opening, forwarding or even saving those files to the hard drive. Using CodeTwo Attach Unblocker it is possible to define... Read More

  10. CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog

    CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog protects you from accidental wrongdoing in Outlook. Outlook doesn't prompt for any confirmation when you move or delete something from the Outlook folder tree. This can cause you a lot of trouble, especially when you unexpectedly drop a folder full of important data to an unknown location. CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog will warn you... Read More