Outlook Addons

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Outlook Addons

  1. TeamContacts for Outlook

    Until now it was almost impossible to get a good overview of your co-worker contacts in one global address list integrated with Outlook ® (without Exchange). TeamContacts is an easy to install Outlook ® add-on, which solves that problem effectively and flexibly. You can filter the contacts you want to share (and take with you on your PDA) by using... Read More

  2. OutlookCRM

    OutlookCRM allows you or your workgroup to manage your contacts, interactions, sales activity and other communications, all completely within Outlook. The software ties together contacts, appointments, tasks, e-mail, journaling, and more. Because it operates wholly within the Outlook/Exchange environment, OutlookCRM provides your team with instant familiarity and allows you to get up and running quickly and efficiently... Read More

  3. Quest Update Utility for Outlook 2003

    Quest Update Utility for Outlook 2003 will help you prepare your Exchange servers for the migration to Outlook 2003 and keep you free of any nasty incidents like a heap corruption... Read More

  4. BackRex Mail Backup

    BackRex Mail Backup allows you to backup, transfer or migrate your favorite mail reader settings and data such as mail folders, address books, filters, message rules and other. BackRex Mail Backup supports following mail clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail, The Bat!. Additionally, Internet Explorer settings and favorites are also backed up. You can use BackRex Mail Backup to transfer... Read More

  5. Express Mail@Mate

    Express Mail@Mate is an email notification program for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Exchange Client, that runs as a System tray icon. It delivers new messages to the Inbox of the email client and allows you to read incoming messages, create new, delete needless ones, extract attached files and more. People with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook can use Express Mail@Mate... Read More

  6. EmailUnlimited

    EmailUnlimited handles form data, automatically manages your newsletters and mailing lists and contains an integrated follow-up autoresponder. Using EmailUnlimited, you can also create and send personalized HTML messages that may contain embedded pictures... Read More

  7. eMailMerge

    emailMerge allows you to personalise your mailings to your customers and friends and make them appear unique. The software works as an addin on Microsoft Outllok and transforms the standard email client to a marketing tool for the use of the amateur and professional marketer. eMailMerge has the same functionality of the MS Office MailMerge feature but can now be... Read More