ARX POP3 Connector

Last Updated on 20 Nov. 2003, Company: Archimatrix & Associates

ARX POP3 Connector is a Windows Service that routes your POP3 mail to your SMTP or Microsoft Exchange Server. No software is required to be installed on any client machines.

Features include: Provides server side SPAM blocking using filters, black listing and DNS verification, Works with both single and Global/Shared POP3 accounts, Uses it's own Event Log to report detailed events and errors, Remote administrative notifications allows error reporting to mobile devices, Schedule mail query by interval and by weekday, Instant manual mail retrieval function, Keep mail on host option, Able to verify Internet, SMTP, and POP connectivity.

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Review and Comments

  1. Scott Gutierrez Fri, 1 July 2005 02:00

    ARX POP3 Connector

    Hmmm... seems to be working pretty well so far, and exactly what I've been looking for.

    I had to find a quick solution for a client who was having mail server problems hosting their own. We moved their email to for hosting and installed the ARX POP3 Connector on their Exchange Server. Trying the software out for a little while to make sure it's stable before purchasing, but so far so good!

    Stroud, Pence & Associates

  2. Moony Tue, 3 May 2005 02:00

    Good but...

    I think it's powerful, but I can't make it work, could someone point me to a step-by-step guide ?

    I know it's not the right place to post my question but I'm kind of desperate.

    Here is my email :

    Thanks in advance

  3. Jimmy Fri, 14 May 2004 02:00

    ok but limited on functionality

    not too bad a product but doesnt do what we require. has basic functionality but is lacking the ability for advanced customization. interface easy to use but hard to see settings 'at a glance' making administration and maintanance annoying.

  4. Anon Tue, 18 Nov. 2003 01:00

    does the job

    an ok product that does the basics, but its just not flexible enough for our clients needs. easy to use is a bonus.

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